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The oceans, lakes and rivers of Dragonrealms are loaded with all manner of vessels; from the lowly cog or river ferry, to the majestic galleons of wealthy merchants and kings. Whether you're hunting down maps, searching for adventure, or just looking for your next big purchase; No shore is too distant for those who know the ins and outs of traveling the waves.

Types of Ships

Three major differences exist in the types of ships that are seen on Elanthia's waterways. While many of them use the same basic structure or share similar features, they can all be distinguished from one another based on their purpose in the game enviroment.

Public Access Ships

These are owned by either a government agency or a business enterprise within Elanthia. Many of them offer transport for passengers, ferrying back and forth between two to three static locations. Some of them are free, some of them charge a fare and some, like the lake ships, can be commissioned for you to captain to where you desire.

Private Ships

Also known as Player-Owned Ships, these are vessels which are exclusively owned and maintained by a character in Elanthia. They can have rooms both above and below deck and come equipped with a Pilot to command. There can be up to three members of the command crew, including the Captain, in addition to several crewman or seaman positions.

Events Vessels

These are also in play at various times throughout Elanthia's history. These vessels have rarely been boarded by players and many details about them are unknown. These include both Pirate fleets and Navy armadas as well as Merchant ships and many others.

Moving Around on Ships

In place of the traditional North, South, East and West that most of the game supports, you have Forward, Aft, Starboard and Port.


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