White Raven

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White Raven
Class: cutter
Rooms: 5
Pilot: Alshara
Captain: Anjinson
Crew: Kasto
Extras: Extra Room
Source: Crossing Amusement Pier Auction 7/19/2003


[White Raven, Bow]
The bowsprit springs forward from the deck as if pointing the way. From its very tip, lines run up to the mast, supporting the jib topsail and the jib. Aft and below it is the fore staysail. The three sails dominate the bow of the ship, balancing the thrust of those aft hanging from the gaff.
Obvious paths: none.

[White Raven, Main Deck]
The commanding feature of the ship is its main mast (actually its only mast), rising straight up from the deck. High overhead, fittings hold the front end of the gaff, the spar that supports the big mainsail that extends back almost to the stern and hangs down almost to the deck. Still higher is the gaff topsail, a triangular sail with its forward edge attached to the main mast and its bottom edge to the gaff. You also see the cargo hatch.
Obvious paths: none.

[White Raven, Quarterdeck]
The quarterdeck of the ship, directly above the cabin, is small, well-scrubbed, and oak-planked, surrounded at the stern and sides by a finely carved taffrail. Its uprights are shaped like standing ravens, an image repeated with wide-spread wings on the ship's bell and on the sides of the binnacle. You also see Pilot Alshara, the cabin companionway and a large spoked wheel.
Obvious paths: none.

[White Raven, Hold]
Though the deck beams are low overhead, the hold seems roomy enough, running almost the entire length of the ship from the bow to the bulkhead that separates the hold from the cabin. Amidship is the trunk of the main mast, extending down through the gratings over the bilge to the keel below. A row of big wooden water barrels helps ballast the ship as well as insuring that no one goes thirsty. You also see a wooden barrel, a cargo net and the cargo hatch.
Obvious paths: none.

[White Raven, Master's Cabin]
This tiny compartment is just big enough for its few furnishings, but it seems adequate to serve its purpose. On a piece of sailcloth covering the floor sit a small desk, a chair, and a chest. A bunk is built into the stern bulkhead, and a brass lantern hangs from the deck beam above the desk. You also see the companionway to the deck.
Obvious paths: none.


You see Pilot Alshara, a Human.
She is wearing a short blue skirt, a skimpy blue tank-top, a gold belly-button ring, a blue coral amulet, some pitch-black naval boots, and a deep sea blue bandanna.


an icesteel captain's ring inlaid with a glorious display of lava sphalerites

LOOK: A collection of the fiery-centered stones encircle a large crest rendered into the surface of the transparent metal and serving as a focal point for the design of the ring. A noble raven, depicted wings outstretched, grips a large "W" and "R" by using both of it's taloned feet to hold the letters.


  • This vessel is now used extensively by Anjinson and Kasto for hunting treasure
  • As of 2007 was captained by Vibrato
  • Originally won at a GM-run auction by Rufhelous, it has changed ownership several times since then
  • Features one extra room compared to other cutters

Map Legacy

a tyrium and icesteel treasure chest secured by an elaborate combination lock

LOOK: Thick plates of dark purple are gripped by transparent bands, forming a sturdy container capable of withstanding the rigors of shipboard use. Celebratory scenes showing a pair of adventurers uncovering treasure in a variety of locations adorn the surface, using repousse and chasing to bring lifelike detail to the images. A large lock is fitted through a ring on the lid, the image of a sprawling kraken and a spread-winged raven engaged in combat plays out on either side of the numbered dial.

READ: A treasure chest reads: "~ Legendary Treasure Hunters: Anjinson and Kasto ~"

a silversteel and niello treasure chest wrapped in strands of scalene seaweed

LOOK:Thick plates of lightweight metal are gripped by deep black bands, forming a sturdy container capable of withstanding the rigors of shipboard use. Decorated to appear as if pulled directly from the depths of the sea, lengths of the ridged fabric are cut to mimic stands of kelp and strung haphazardly over the chest. A large swing latch is fitted to the edge of the lid, shaped like a soaring raven that swoops downwards to greet the sprawling limbs of a monstrous kraken and complete the closure.

READ: A treasure chest reads: ~ Legendary Treasure Hunters: Anjinson and Kasto ~