M'Riss Behavin'

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M'Riss Behavin'
Class: galleon
Rooms: 8
Pilot: Oshmashas
Captain: Seei
Source: Barana's Shipyard


[M'Riss Behavin', Bow]
The bowsprit stretches forward from the ship where the starboard and port gunnels meet. An iron-banded oak capstan is bolted securely to the deck for use in hauling up the anchor, setting the shrouds, or any other work where great purchases are required. You also see the fore mast, the fore course, the fore topsail, the flying jib and a hatch.
Ship paths: aft.

[M'Riss Behavin', Cabin]
In this oddly shaped room, the hull curves in on each side, meeting at the bow of the ship. A small table is bolted to the decking on one side of the room and a hammock is hung from the walls on the other side. You also see a door.
Ship paths: none.

[M'Riss Behavin', Fore Waist]
A mast rises amidship, standing tall from the deck amidst a maze of sheets and shrouds. Brass cleats are securely mounted along the top of both the starboard and port bulwark. You also see the main mast, the main course, the main lower topsail and the main upper topsail.
Ship paths: forward, aft.

[M'Riss Behavin', Aft Waist]
A brass-hinged gangway is inset into the starboard bulwark, allowing for a boarding plank to be ran in and out from there with ease. The ship's rigging hangs above like an intricate spider's web. You also see the mizzen mast, the crossjack, the mizzen lower topsail and the mizzen upper topsail.
Ship paths: forward, aft, down.

[M'Riss Behavin', Ship's Hold]
The overpowering stench of the bilge combined with the lingering scents of pitch and molding wood fill the dark confines of the hold. A large storage chest takes up part of the deck while a cargo net hung from floor to ceiling fills most of the rest of the area.
Ship paths: forward, up.

[M'Riss Behavin', Ship's Galley]
Against one wall is a long table with a built-in bench. A large potbelly stove takes up most of one corner along with a small area a cook can work in.
Ship paths: aft.

[M'Riss Behavin', Quarterdeck]
In the middle of the quarterdeck is the ship's wheel mounted on a slightly higher platform. Shrouds, running from mast to cleats on the bulwark, are ran overhead along with sheets from the ship's rigging. You also see a large spoked wheel, the ship's bell, the spanker mast, the lower spanker, the upper spanker, the gaff topsail, a hatch and Pilot Oshmashas.
Ship paths: forward.

[M'Riss Behavin', Captain's Cabin]
A dark cherrywood desk with sword-notched legs is bolted to the ship's deck against the cabin's covered wall and under a brass-trimmed porthole. The scent of pitch caulk is fairly strong in this tightly enclosed room. Small though the cabin may seem, it still has enough space for an oak footlocker at the foot of a plain oak box bed. You also see a door.
Ship paths: none.


You see Pilot Oshmashas, an Elothean.
He is wearing a simple tunic and some sailcloth trousers.


  • In October 2017 was captained by Seei
  • In 2007 was captained by Seei