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Madigan Madigan Portrait
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime


393-03-24 (01/25/2009): Squire Edorel Graduation
393-09-24 (03/26/2009): Madigan is deported by a Sister of the Rose
394-01-16 (04/13/2009): Idon Raiders Attack - Madigan/Ternith Duel
394-07-36 (06/17/2009): Death of Vorclaf
442-09-08 (08/21/2022): Fight with Telamont, Agalea and Nefis
443-03-92 (10/01/2022): Killing Zehira and Sparring Agalea
445-05-24 (05/12/2023): The Great Therengia Necro Gweth War of 445

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