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Location: Various Mainland
Known For: Nomads, Bards, Rangers
Active: Yes

The S'Kra Mur Flower Clan has been a nomadic people of perpetual wanderers for as long as anyone can remember. They have a very relaxed outlook on life, disdaining politics or anyone who takes themselves too seriously. Unconcerned with money or high status, they believe in a simpler lifestyle that doesn't stress material goods. The clan has produced many famous Bards and Rangers.

Irarasu Compact

It was during the time of Sarkhhl, first King of Reshalia, that the Irarasu Compact was signed. This compact codified the rights of the clan to wander freely anywhere within the kingdom. During the reign of Sarkhhl, this meant all of Qi.

Known Members

Name Status Notes
Ashunara Active Introduced in 2021 as a Listener of Sraan Rasha.


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