Calabria's Daggers

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Calabria's Daggers
Province Therengia
Justice Unknown
Town Muspar'i
Map Ranik's Map 47
Owner Calabria
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Calabria's Daggers]
A catalog rests on the rough wooden counter that divides the front sales area from the work area in the back of the shop. Knives, daggers and short swords in various stages of completion are heaped in baskets along the back wall. A sullen orange glow outlines the ill-fitting door that leads to the back room, evidently the forge to judge by the waves of heat that seep around the edges. You also see a narrow door and Calabria.

Page 1: Light Edged/Light Thrown Weapons
Item Price Done
belt knife - An all-purpose eating utensil 600   !!!!
grooved steel dagger - The blade of the dagger is channel-grooved to allow blood to flow freely even when lodged 800   !!!!
bodice dagger - A lady's blade, with delicate engraving and gilded filigree surrounding a bloodwood hilt 3,500   
rose-pommeled steel misericorde - Traditionally used to grant the gods' mercy to a fallen warrior, now used as a widow's blade 1,600   !!!!
serrated dao - The edges of this thick-bladed LE are serrated to inflict the most damage 6,500   
enameled oben - Enameled with a pattern of gold and blue starflowers along the inner curve of the blade 6,000   

Note: If you belong to the right guild, and you ask the right question, Calabria will point you to more merchandise.

Note: Try asking Calabria about traders or her husband. There are a few other things to ask her also. She does answer limited questions.