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Class: unknown
Look: the Skirr'lolasu
Rooms: 14
Captain: Nilfren
Fare: None
Route: Crossing
Extras: pirates

Disclaimer: The arrival time of the Skirr'lolasu is estimated and can be significantly off due to pirates, weather conditions, mutinies, sea monsters and other sundries not mentioned. The owners of the Skirr'lolasu can not be held responsible for being off in such estimations.


[The Skirr'lolasu, Main Deck]
In anticipation of the sudden influx of passengers, makeshift benches have been hastily constructed from kegs, driftwood, and nets stretched tight between boards, then have been cleverly placed so that they are as out of the way as possible. Some coiled ropes and other rigging lie scattered around, pushed out of the way so no one will trip over them. You also see The Crossing Docks and a narrow door nestled between a split staircase.
Obvious paths: up.
Ship paths: forward.

[The Skirr'lolasu, Crow's Nest]
A tattered blue flag emblazoned with a golden fish flies gracefully at the top of the mast just above the ship's bell. As the wind blows, the flag dips down and brushes against the bell occasionally. A battered, salt-encrusted spyglass case lies on the railing of the small platform, stuck there by some thick black goo. You also see a dead seagull.
Obvious paths: down.
Ship paths: none.

Look on the flag:

A golden fish has been crookedly stitched on the flag showing the boat's symbol.

[The Skirr'lolasu, Captain's Quarters]
This tiny room was converted from a supplies closet into the living quarters of the captain of the ship. It is virtually filled by a small cot and a battered desk made from scavenged lumber, leaving no floor space to mill around in. A trophy fish watches over the captain's meager possessions, smiling the same haunting grin that it died with. Atop the dust-covered desk lies the ship's log, which obviously has not been written in for days. You also see a narrow door.
Obvious exits: none.
Ship paths: none.

[The Skirr'lolasu, Foredeck]
A number of sailors mill around the deck, leaning over the side to check nets and lines in the water. Occasionally, a snickering crew member wanders by a small sign covered with a crooked scrawl that has been hastily nailed to a post rising out of the deck. Near the base of the pole, a rusted winch is attached to the deck next to the bulwark and a spritsail soars forward over the sea above it. You also see a barrel of fishing poles, a rope ladder leading into a battered dinghy, a shelf of normal fishing line, a barrel of fish bait and a bucket of hooks.
Obvious exits: none.
Ship paths: aft.

[The Skirr'lolasu, Battered Dinghy]
Scraps of canvas lie in the belly of this ill-repaired dinghy, all eaten through by the elements. Two slender thwarts are fitted rather crudely across the breadth of the boat with an oar propped up against the side. The second oar has gone missing, probably lost to the ocean depths. You also see a rope ladder.
Ship paths: none.

[The Skirr'lolasu, Sterncastle]
Raised from the rest of the deck, this platform presents the perfect view of the watery path ahead. A dull oaken wheel rises from almost the exact center of the deck, offering the ideal spot from which to steer the ship. A square is cut in the wood planks, all hardened by years of exposure, forming a battered hatch that leads down to the decks below. You also see Captain Nilfren and a split staircase.
Obvious exits: none.
Ship paths: none.

[The Skirr'lolasu, Mess Hall]]
Battered tables stretch from one end of the hall to the other, covered with chipped bowls and tarnished flatware. A serving table is pushed up next to the forward wall of the room, just next to a hole in the floor leading into the galley below. The walls and low ceiling have no covering on them, rather showing the very bones of the ship. Swaying gently over the center table is a small lantern, its chimney coated in a thin layer of soot. You also see some narrow steps.
Ship paths: aft.

On the table.
Item Price Done
a slimy bucket filled with lukewarm water 0   
a pile of chunked hardtack 0   
a platter of salted fish clumsily garnished with dried seaweed 0   
a large pot of gruel 0