Chabalu's Exotics

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Chabalu's Exotics
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Ratha
Map Ranik's Map 91
Owner Chabalu
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Bard shops, Warrior Mage shops, Cleric shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Chabalu's Exotics, Showroom]
The shop looks to be a hodgepodge of many different cultures. Beautiful silk tapestries cover many of the walls, at least the ones not being used to display items. A mind-numbing sweet incense fills the air, making it seem quite natural for someone to empty their pockets of coins. You also see the merchant Chabalu and a scarred display counter with some stuff on it.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

On the display counter
Item Price Done
braided ivory ring bearing the crest of the Bard's Guild 15,000   
carved black ironwood ring resembling a dragon coiled around a ruby rose 8,000   
misty garnet ring bearing the crest of the Warrior Mage Guild 15,000   
frosty lazurite ring bearing the crest of the Cleric's Guild 15,000