Ssivo's Migi Shagamat

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Ssivo's Migi Shagamat
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Ratha
Map Ranik's Map 91
Owner Ssivo
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Origami shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Ratha, Ssivo's Migi Shagamat]
This ostentatiously appointed shop is swathed in rich fabric and redolent with the aroma of rare spice. Suspended from the ceiling, extravagant draperies of heavy brocade hang in rich folds of gold-shot amethyst, amber and cinnabar, while low hassocks and divans provide seating. Underfoot, opulent jewel-toned carpets cushion your steps. Lamps of ornately pierced brass rest on tall stands at regular intervals about the room, their soft glow illuminating the contents of display cases and shelves. You also see the proprietor Ssivo, a waste basket, a polished marble stand with an origami primer on it, and a claw-foot marble table with some stuff on it.

On the polished marble stand
Item Price Done
Origami primer 1,000   !!
On the display case
Item Price Done
Ship instructions 1,000   
Mouse instructions 1,000   !!
Crow instructions 1,000   
Silverfish instructions 1,000   No
Dragon instructions 1,000   
Horse instructions 1,000   
Goblin instructions 1,000   
Gryphon instructions 1,000   
Mask instructions 1,000   No
Bird instructions 1,000   
On the marble table
Item Price Done
Origami-paper envelope (10) 3,000   No
Origami-paper envelope (100) 30,000   No
Origami-paper envelope (50) 15,000   No
Origami-paper envelope (25) 7,500   No
On the display shelf
Item Price Done
Marbled origami paper 1,200   No
Scarlet origami paper 850   No
Silver origami paper 1,000   No
Blue origami paper 500   
Lined origami paper 500   No
White origami paper 350   No
Gold origami paper 2,000   No
Plain origami paper 200   No
Green origami paper 600   No
On the cherrywood shelf
Item Price Done
Sandstone origami case 1,000   No
Copperwood origami case 1,000   No
Rosewood origami case 1,250   No
Mother-of-pearl origami case 10,000   No
Ebonwood origami case inlaid with gold 5,000   No
Silver leaf origami case 11,200   No
Ivory origami case 12,000   No
Cherrywood origami case 2,000   No
Leather origami case 800   !!