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"Sharaanpon'u, or formal tongue. This method of pronunciation is used primarily in ceremonies, particularly in those dedicated to Hav'roth, may he smile upon us always. At its roots it is a verbal rendition of eth'ral'khh, but is quite a bit more complex than the common- spoken S'Kra. It is this original spoken language that was gradually simplified into the form we speak today.

Sharaanpon'u is known foremost for its cadence. Rather than placing emphasis on the second syllable only, emphasis is instead placed upon every other syllable in even-syllabled words, and on every third syllable in those with an odd number of syllables. The language is also caged such that the arrangement of words weaves itself together into a strident, chanting tone.

The craft of Sharaanpon'u is a long-standing S'Kra tradition, mostly among Clerics and sometimes Bards. It is believed that the spoken language was originally formed this way to ease the rigors of memorizing long passages. Books twice the length of this one were carried about in the minds of ancient Clerics, and some still retain this practice. It is also said to aid in meditation."

Excerpt from Language of the S'Kra Mur (book)