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Location: Western Therengia
Known For: Dead Heroes
Active: No

Once the dominant power over Surlaenis, the S'Kra Mur of the Wind Clan migrated to the mainland following a prophecy. They passed through the territory of Sraan Arna (Boulder Clan) and continued west. Secure in a mountain fortress, the S'Kra Mur of the Wind Clan practiced profound and unmatched elemental magics. The Wind Clan was widely considered one of the most powerful of the clans until it was destroyed in 1004 BL during the Elven-Human War. The Wind Clan is now conceptualized as a clan in the afterlife to which all S'Kra heroes belong after death. The Wind Clan is not to be confused with the Wind Elves of the Horse Clan.

From the Account of the Elven Human War:
"One warrior mage, whose name has since been trampled into the mud and forgotten, ignored the warning, proclaiming that he was more powerful than any Guardian. He invoked the great spell of destruction that the mages had been attempting to call down before -- and a bloom of white-hot fire burst up around him, incinerating everyone within a quarter mile radius -- which happened to include the entire Wind Clan of the S'kra."

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