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Irasushen is an island in the Reshal Sea together with nearby Pi'Qanah to the west, both of which are west of M'Riss. It was a base of operations Shark Clan during the Outcast War.

Althiras controls the island at present.

Travelers from Albaria, the Luethrans settled here during the the Luethran Second Age (>2,000 years ago). The colony was abandoned during the Luethran Fourth Age due to the Rasman Plague.

In the age before Sarkhhl united Reshalia, Irasushen was the home of the S'Kra Mur Boulder Clan, Sraan Arna, before they migrated to the mainland. Drum Clan, Sraan T'Lar, (who also had control of Pi'Qanah) took possession of the island thereafter, but they too eventually migrated to the mainland and the island was for centuries ruled remotely by the S'Kra Mur King in Ratha.