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GameMaster Ellerina
Rank Unknown
Type Unknown
Tenure Past

Positions & Contributions


You see GameMaster Ellerina dan-Tal'shevaar, a S'Kra Mur Paladin.
She has slitted dark eyes and silver scales.
Ellerina has transcended time.
She has a tattoo of black-inked nightingale feathers that fan out from eyebrow to left temple, balancing the symmetrical flare of shrike feathers lancing from the eyebrow to a curl on her right temple.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a star-crested crow charm, a silver cloak clasp formed of two rampant cougars facing off around a blazing eye of dark amethyst, a set of shining silver pauldrons, a shining cougar-engraved gorget that winks like the star-set heavens, a black leather back harness cut to hold the sister-blades "Phelim's Truth" and "Dergati's Vengeance", a satchel of feather-soft black velvet, a heavy ermine lined and hooded cloak of flat shadow-samite curled at the edges to mimic swirling ankle-length tresses of jet, a slender steel lance with a fiercely-honed obsidian point, some carved ivory prayer beads, a curling diadem of braided silver that suspends a star-cut amethyst eye across the center of her forehead and a pair of sandals formed of criss-crossed cords of black leather wrapped up the calves to tie at the knee.