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Location: Eastern Riverhaven
Known For: Commerce, Politics, and Alchemy
Active: Yes
Crest: A brown shield with a small black lizard


The S'Kra Mur Serpent Clan once ruled over Zhamikhh Island, but lost control of it to Sraan Indakar (Thunder Clan) and chose to migrate to the mainland rather than be absorbed. They had great difficulty finding a new home and suffered several failed attempts. Once they had found a home though, their star rose to shine very brightly indeed. Today, they are one of the more visible clans, involved in commerce and politics. They are justly famous across the lands for their alchemists -- see A Brief History of Alchemy (book) for further information.


Gathered to the court of Zeno Marticiu, a number of alchemists formed an Alchemists Clan and established a physical location in which they could continue their efforts of sharing knowledge.

An offshoot of this original group, comprised of dedicated S'Kra Mur alchemists desired greater privacy than the Baron had offered. For 40 years, they repeatedly petitioned for unoccupied land in which to build a self-sustaining community. The request was left unanswered until Baron Teodor Marticiu -- 6th of Zeno's line -- granted the request and gave the swampland of Trefan Maug (Serpent Territory) to the S'Kra Mur.

The site proved to afford the clan not only privacy, but safety. The area has been bypassed by all subsequent warfare on Rendimion soil simply due to the muck that permits only pairs of visitors to enter or leave at a time. Note: There are more secure areas that permit completely unrestricted movement in which only members of Serpent Clan are privy to the knowledge of. The location proved to be ideal for the S'Kra Mur, as they kept a characteristic neutrality concerning the provisioning of services to other races.

A Brief History of Alchemy (book)

Governing Structure

The Clan village is ruled by a Council of Three universally elected officially known as the Tys Arna'grah (Three Watchers of the Rock.) Every three months, the trio rotate the title of Poho'Danah (Anointed Groundfather). The Poho'Danath can break voting ties between the other two, but otherwise has no special powers.

Most decisions are made by the community at large with the general consensus being formally announced by the Tys Arna'grah.

Security of the Clan is maintained by the Disth'Mekiel (One Who Senses the Air), though the Serpent Clan Home is noted to be unusually peaceful and free of crime.

A Brief History of Alchemy (book)


Serpent Clan honors a long-standing contract that supplies serums, lotions, creams, extracts, and other stock to middlemen who in turn, deal with the Martyr Saedelthorp of Crossing, Zoluren.

A Brief History of Alchemy (book)


Alchemists of other races are welcome to join the Serpent Clan community, and several have spoken with favorably inclined surprise of their reception. Even amateur alchemists have been well-received, though the inhabitants are quick to judge the seriousness of all inquiries. They are not over gentle with q'alri (outsiders) masquerading as alchemists, seeking to buy goods for sale elsewhere or pry loose their innermost secrets.

A Brief History of Alchemy (book)

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