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Zoluren Town Meeting 03/20/2011 · on 3/23/2011 8:37:59 AM 5220
Alexsei says, "It seems about the right time to get this underway, it seems."

Alexsei says, "First and foremost, greetings and welcome to everyone who has come to attend today. On behalf of the Order of the White Rose, we thank you all for attending this Zoluren Town Meeting."
Manze says to Atazai, "It's good stuff."
Alexsei says, "For those who do not know me, I am Alexsei Krauser, Vice Speaker of the Rose. If you would allow me, I would like to take a moment to go over the purpose of thse Town Meetings, for the sake of those here with us for the first time."
Hanryu says, "Thanks for the help folks."
Alexsei says, "Hello and Welcome."
Alexsei says, "The Zoluren Town Meetings are regular events meant to focus on the sharing of information to Zoluren Citizen and visitors. It is also a hub to share concerns and ideas, in the mindset of being better prepared to defend our province and aid our neighbors as needed."
Alexsei says, "Thus, while the Rose is holding and organizing these, they should be thought of as community events. In that mindset, if you have information, thoughts or opinions you wish to share, let us know so we can listen to it."
Alexsei says, "These would be meaningless without your presence, input and participation, so please do not be shy."
Alexsei says, "Now, before we move on to the current events section of this meeting, let me once again go over our running topic - secure communication during emergency situations in Zoluren."
Alexsei says, "To facilitate secure communications during invasions and dangerous situations, it was agreed upon during previous Meetings that we would adopt a color of albredine rings to use as a Zoluren 'Emergency Channel' of sorts."
Alexsei says, "This channel can be used during such dangerous situations to communicate with fellow defenders, in an effort to help keep things secure and organize the defense effort better."
Hewlet confidently says, "I need one of those rings."
Hewlet confidently says, "I have a colorless one."
Hewlet confidently says, "I need the blue one."
Eindolv says, "We havta tap um on each other or sumsuch."
Alexsei says, "The color that was chosen for this channel during previous meetings was Banded Cobalt. If you have a ring attuned to that color, you can share in with the network."
Scorral says, "Help."
Alexsei says, "If you do not have one of these rings, we will hand one to you for free, if you wish to contribute."
Scorral says, "I mean I also need help getting one."
Ribbet says, "I need one."
Traegor says, "I would like one."
Alexsei says, "If you are interested, please whisper to me and I will hand you one."
Hewlet confidently says, "Ohh Ill contribute."
Hewlet confidently says, "After I will go to the bank."
Talliska says, "Thanks for all the help Hewlet, it's really appreciated."
Ribbet says, "How does one work."
Alexsei says, "And there is no cost for these. The Rose offers them for free."
Meara dreamily says, "Tap it then think."
Ribbet says, "How do i atune it."
Hewlet confidently asks, "Tap it each time I want to think?"
Scorral says, "It won't fit on my finger."
Hewlet confidently says, "Alright easy enough."
Meara dreamily says, "Hold a metal blade in your other hand then."
Alexsei says, "To use it, you tap the ring, then think your message as if using a gweth."
Atazai says, "Hold a weapon in your other hand and wear it."
Atazai says, "Yeah that."
Hewlet confidently asks, "You got fat fingers?"
Scorral says, "It would seem so."
Sortny says, "Nae ye need the threaten."
Sortny says, "Er threaten it."
Scorral says, "Too much drink for meh Bardic hands...they are muscled."
Alexsei says, "As Meara says, if the ring does not fit your finger, hold a bladed weapon while trying to wear it and it will resize for you."
Alexsei asks, "Have I handed a ring to everyone interested? Did I forget anyone?"
Hewlet confidently asks, "Who makes these?"
Katjia says to Alexsei, "I would like one please."
Alexsei says, "We buy the rings in bulk, and then I sit dilligently in the temple and attune them."
Talliska asks, "I think that traders can buy them in bulk in Ratha?"
Talliska says, "Sortny would know better than me."
Sortny says, "Yea we can buy them."
Sortny says, "Some find them on critters too."
Katjia says, "Thank you."
Sortny says, "Nae sure if ye still can."
Skizzy says, "I've found 'em not too long ago."
Manze whispers to your group, "thoughts a tic"
Talliska says, "I think so."
Meara dreamily says to Sortny, "I believe you can."
Sortny says, "Oh."
Skizzy says, "Or at least they're on the shelf with "things I haven't figured out what to do with yet."
Sortny says, "If ye find them on critters, some have different charges."
Alexsei says to Sortny, "We still have a few in here, but when we run out, I might have to have a chat with you miss Sortny, in case you happen to travel by Ratha."
Sortny says, "I've seen five, ten, fifteen and twenty."
Eindolv asks, "Can the rings be smashed?"
Sortny says, "I do have access to two ships."
Skizzy asks, "Do you have to tap it to hear thoughts, or just to say somethin'?"
Alexsei says to Sortny, "Duly noted, you might receive a visit from me in the future then."
Ribbet asks, "They con only be used or they turn off like jail and death?"
Meara dreamily says, "Only to say something."
Talliska says, "I think they can't be smashed but they may deactivate if you die."
Meara dreamily says, "As long as you are wearing the ring you will hear a thought."
Talliska says, "Just have to remove and wear again."
Alexsei says to Skizzy, "Yes, only to speak. When wearing the ring, you can hear the thoughts sent to the network just fine, as do all who wear it."
Ribbet asks, "Can we talk to a single person too?"
Meara dreamily says, "Not with these."
Talliska says, "You'd need a crystal ring for that."
Meara dreamily says, "Only the crytal rings."
Ribbet says, "Ahh."
Sortny says, "These only."
Alexsei says, "Those are a different kind, yes. The crystal rings are one on one communication only."
Skizzy says, "Well if you were the only two wearin' the same color ring ..."
Alexsei says, "Well, with that out of the way, I have chewed your ears off long enough, so let me just give the stage to Talliska, who will speak of current events."
Talliska says, "Thanks Alexsei."
Alexsei says, "I would applaud, but she might get shy."
Talliska says, "Hello all, I'm Talliska, Lorekeeper of the White Rose, here to present today's current events related to invasions and threats to the provinces."
Talliska says, "I have a lot of topics for today. So if you want to comment, keep it respectful and on topic, or if you must, wait until the meeting is open for general comments and announcements."
Talliska says, "You silly people."
Talliska says, "Well applauding is better than heckling."
Alexsei says, "I take no responsibility."
Talliska says to Alexsei, "We'll have words later."
Talliska says, "Today I'll be reporting on recent necromancer activity, including a couple related undead invasions and the reappearance of Ahlureis, and another red bear orc invasion of our neighbors up in Therengia."
Talliska says, "Before that though, I'd like to give an update on the situation in Ilithi, as its Court and Militia prepare for Ferdahl Aemmin's meeting with the new Emperor of the Dragon Priests."
Talliska says, "Don't think we've got any Court folks among us today so let's just hope I've got all the details right."
Talliska says, "Court Advisor Leucius Delarazzio held an Ilithi town meeting a couple of weeks ago, during which he revealed the location chosen for the Ferdahl and Emperor to meet."
Manze says, "Doesn't look like it today."
Talliska says, "This location is a clearing at the foot of Wyvern Mountain. It can be reached by climbing up a rockslide out of Shard's west gate."
Talliska says, "I think Alexsei told me there's a Kerenhappuch altar nearby there."
Hewlet confidently asks, "Can anyone attend?"
Talliska says, "Yes, Leucius actually asked, even encouraged others to help and participate."
Talliska says, "I'll get to that more in just a bit."
Talliska says, "The clearing was chosen because it has only one way in and one way out, thus makng it more defensible, and because it satisfies the Dragon Priests' request for an open air meeting place."
Talliska says, "The Advisor also stated that no one involved in the planning of the Ferdahl and Dragon Priest meeting believes it is anything other than a trap."
Talliska says, "And as I mentioned before Ilithi is definitely welcoming outside help."
Talliska says, "Commanders Rainea Rippentropp and Traim Ruin of the Ilithi Militia are in charge of arranging the details, but any one person from the Ilithi Court could point you toward where and how to help."
Talliska says, "That would include Leucius, their advisor, Ruea the Court Bard, Arroura the Court Cleric, Gridaskma who is Court Historian... I'm sure I'm missing others. Ah. Synamon, the new Ambassador."
Talliska says, "So if you want to help definitely get a hold of one of them or the Commanders. We'd be happy to pass on a message too. The Rose is hoping to organize and send a group down their ourselves."
Talliska says, "There isn't a date yet for the meeting though, but Leucius said it would be announced as soon as they know it."
Hewlet confidently says, "I will go for some guard duty."
Talliska says, "I'm sure they will appreciate it."
Talliska says, "What I do know of security thus far, is that they are planning to consecrate the clearing. And they also recommend bringing ranged weapons."
Talliska says, "As the open air requirement suggests the Dragon Priests may have flyers."
Hewlet confidently says, "I better get training."
Talliska asks, "Any other thoughts and questions about the Ferdahl's meeting with the Dragon Priest emperor?"
Kazeth slowly says to Hewlet, "And I will attend for triage."
Sortny says, "I do."
Talliska says to Sortny, "Sure, go right ahead."
Talliska says, "Fyrresong, you can go afterward."
Hewlet confidently says to Kazeth, "You will probably be triaging me."
Sortny asks, "Have they petitioned other provinces for help formally?"
Sortny asks, "Or is this just informally?"
Kazeth slowly asks Hewlet, "Didn't I heal you last time we had this meeting?"
Hewlet confidently says, "I don't know why I would have been injured."
Talliska says, "Well, Leucius tends to be pretty off the cuff, I am not sure if he's sent any formal requests."
Sortny says, "I'll spread word then."
Talliska says, "But it did come from him during an official town meeting. I guess it's more like an open call."
Sortny says, "Thank ye."
Talliska says, "No problem! Fyrresong, please go ahead."
Fyrresong asks, "I've been a bit sleepy lately. Curious if you can tell us what happened to the last Emperor, and when the new one has risen?"
Talliska says, "Sure thing. The last ruler of the Dragon Priests was actually an Empress, Hhrsaraa."
Talliska says, "I hope I got that right."
Talliska says, "She was actually executed only a few months ago. Or so that's how it looked like from the moon mage visions."
Talliska says, "The visions indicated that she seems to have been killed by her own people and she cursed them as she died."
Talliska says, "Whomever the new Emperor is, we don't know his name or identity yet. But his first act as emperor was to send an emissary to the Ferdahl to ask for peace talks."
Talliska says, "Obviously that has a whole lot of us scratching our heads."
Fyrresong says, "Priest make me fidgety, I hope this doesn't spell any danger."
Fyrresong says, "Thank you."
Talliska asks, "You're welcome. I think Scorral had something next?"
Scorral says, "Does the cobalt colored rings also apply for the Illithi communcations."
Scorral says, "With this meeting."
Scorral says, "Or do they use other colors."
Scorral says, "I hope that made sense."
Talliska says, "They're meant to be Zoluren only. Ilithi would have their own means of communication."
Talliska says, "That is probably something you'll have to ask Commander Rainea or Traim."
Scorral says, "Thank you."
Talliska asks, "No problem! Okay, anything else or can we move on to the next topic?"
Talliska says, "Next, we have had some notable necromancer activity lately which I would like to discuss."
Talliska says, "According to reports and personal accounts, a necromancer by the name of Zerreck Arkarm has been attacking the provinces in recent weeks, aided by the moon mage Lasciel Averoigne."
Talliska says, "The first incident I was made aware of was on the 14th day of the 1st month of Akroeg, 401. At the time, zombies were attacking at the Crossing Empath guild infirmary."
Kazeth slowly says, "Yes, that was hideous..."
Hewlet confidently says, "She also was aiding other necromancers by the bank the other day."
Hewlet confidently says, "Killing people as well."
Tiakim asks, "Zombies? as in more than one?"
Hewlet confidently says, "Empaths Garia and Marssi also assisted the necromancers."
Kazeth slowly asks, "Are you sure?"
Hewlet confidently says, "And a Cleric Kezurek raised them."
Tiakim says, "He was probabally with his cohort necro, zamn."
Talliska says, "It's sad to hear but yes I've heard numerous reports like this."
Hewlet confidently says, "I was hidden and saw it all."
Atazai says, "The necromancers have been bringing other undead in too."
Kazeth slowly says, "But I like them..."
Atazai says, "Germish'din and wir dinegos, even into the empaths guild."
Hewlet confidently says, "I liked Garia, but no longer."
Kazeth slowly says, "Kezurek... yeah, I don't like her too much. She helps Silvwyn and Eladrin."
Talliska says, "The incident I just mentioned, also had wir dinego and germish'din, yes."
Hewlet confidently says, "They are all working with Lasciel."
Talliska says, "There were several waves of them and it was quite hectic. Even the Guildimistress Annael came out to address the situation."
Hewlet confidently says, "I have gotten her purged many times."
Kazeth slowly says, "They killed me in the infirmary for asking them to stop the violence while I was trying to heal."
Hewlet confidently says to Talliska, "That Annael needs to get some better guards."
You say to Hewlet, "Please show more respect when speaking of a guild leader."
Talliska says, "The guildmistress herself confirmed Zerreck and Lasciel as aggressors, so I have very little doubt that all these reports hold weight."
Talliska says, "When I questioned Annael, she also mentioned that someone ought to inform the Cleric guild leadership about this latest necromantic threat."
Hewlet confidently says to you, "My apologies, but I had a long conversation about it with her and nothing has been done to protect the Empaths."
Kazeth slowly says, "I don't know what to think about Marssi and Garia..."
Kazeth slowly asks Hewlet, "Are you suuure?"
Talliska says, "Her preference was for High Priestess Tallis to be informed. I do not know yet if anyone has done so."
Hewlet confidently asks, "Sure about what?"
Kazeth slowly says to Hewlet, "Marssi and Garia aiding necromancers.."
Hewlet confidently says, "Very sure."
Hewlet confidently says, "I saw it with my own two eyes."
Kazeth slowly says, "They're kind of like my mentors..."
Hewlet confidently says, "I got lasciel purged, and they drug her away and healed her and Kezurek raised her."
Talliska says, "Some of the protection, I think, will have to be done by us, here. Annael is powerful but just one woman. THat's why it's important we get more organized, one way or another."
Talliska says, "And also train harder. WHich is a lot of what I am trying to do lately."
Talliska says, "More than anything I'd like to be able to help guarantee the safety of the province and its people. That's what we're here for. But thank you all, for the reports and confirmations."
You say, "I usually keep my avenger called when I work in the infirmary now."
Talliska says, "There was another incident with Zerreck and Lasciel in Theren, as well."
Kazeth slowly says, "I had dreams of staying neutral and never having to enter combat... This city has harshly taught me otherwise."
Kazeth slowly says to you, "I never wanted to learn that spell."
Talliska says, "That was on the 26th of Akroeg, More of the same, zombies, wir dinego and germish'din. The militia there made pretty short work of it so I heard."
You say to Kazeth, "It once wasn't so rough and we could afford to be neutral. Unfortuantely we can't any longer."
Fyrresong says, "My brother said you did some aiding as well."
Talliska says, "That day I spoke with Commander Marsais of the Northern Watch who is quite aware of Zerreck and Lasciel's activities."
Kazeth slowly asks you, "You look really nice. How come I haven't seen you around the infirmary?"
Fyrresong asks, "That coversation he gave me detail. Could you define that coversation?"
Talliska says, "Both the militia and the Guard up there are actively doing their best to keep them out of Theren. I hope that we can step up our game and do the same."
Talliska asks, "Fyrresong, was that to me?"
Talliska says, "Give me a moment."
Atazai says, "They have a decent response up there."
Atazai says, "And Marsais chased them here to Crossing and dealth with Lasciel himself."
Talliska says, "That he did. He's a commendable officer."
Talliska says, "Marsais also helped us with the zombies that Zerreck summoned that day too."
Talliska says, "He was there with me when Lasciel openly admitted to attacking Theren too. Sad times..."
Traegor asks, "I saw a lot of people die that night... Are you sure it was just the two?"
Atazai says, "They always have help."
Talliska says, "There are others I am sure but they are the two highest on the list so to speak."
Talliska says, "As far as noteriety is concerned."
Talliska says, "WHich may well be part of what they like about it, who knows."
Talliska asks, "Any other comments about Zerreck and Lasciel or any other necromancer related threats?"
Atazai says, "It has taken the spotlight off of a few others, it seems."
Crayzeke says, "Well don't forget about Fiction..."
Talliska says, "Go right ahead."
Crayzeke says, "He is also with them and has led serveral attacks on them.... so ive herd..."
Fyrresong asks, "There was a shady new necro face at the gate. She was asking about meeting with the empaths? Any further details into that?"
Talliska says, "Ooho Ahlureis."
Talliska says, "I was going to get to her next."
You say to Kazeth, "Now that is one woman you want to stay far away from."
Talliska asks, "She is actually not quite new... She was around since back when old Naarg was attacking the Crossing. That would be a couple years back?"
Kazeth slowly says to you, "I've never heard of her..."
Meara dreamily says, "She's been a menace numerous times here in Crossing."
Talliska says, "But there was a long period where she disappeared, and has just recently reemerged. Let me poke at my notes for a bit of a summary fo those who don't know of her."
Atazai says, "I did not have a problem with Narg, I mean, philisophically."
Talliska says, "Ahlureis is a known necromancer who in the past has visited the Empath guild infirmary to question and observe Empaths."
Atazai says, "Well, one of the Naargs."
Talliska says, "Her main interest seems to be in what role empathy served in Lyras' demise."
Hewlet confidently asks, "Anyone know anything about Jondong?"
Hewlet confidently asks, "He good or bad?"
Talliska says, "Ahlureis has in the past killed empaths and their patients in pursuit of this information, though she claims she only ever did so in 'self-defense'."
Talliska says, "I don't recognize the name."
Crayzeke asks, "Any connection to do with the Zerreck attack on them?"
Talliska says, "Well have seen him around but do not know anything about him."
Hewlet confidently says, "I believe he killed that one the other day."
Atazai says, "Yes."
Talliska says, "I'm not sure if Ahlureis is involved with the whole Zerreck affair but the first time I saw her in months, was the same night Marsais was chasing Zerreck down."
Atazai says, "Jondong is a Barbarian."
Hewlet confidently asks, "Didnt he kill you?"
Kazeth slowly says, "I was speaking someone from Shard. He told me Jondong was a necromancer supporter."
Hewlet confidently says, "Alright."
Hewlet confidently says, "I believe it."
Atazai says, "He's a neutral troublemaker."
Hewlet confidently says, "He was there when Lasciel and everyone was killing."
Hewlet confidently says, "And he killed."
Atazai says, "He could be."
Talliska says, "Anyway, that night I saw Ahlureis I managed to talk to her a bit."
Crayzeke says, "Sounds like it might be more too it then just coincidence."
Kazeth slowly says to you, "She sounds scary..."
Kazeth slowly says to you, "I hope she doesn't come into the infirmary when I'm working."
Talliska says, "She had no idea who I was, so I had to explain to her exaclty why she was notorious... I'm sure she knows, but she constantly claims she is harmless."
Talliska says, "In fact she says that her 'friends' whomever they are, get upset with her if she harms someone."
Atazai says, "It's a go to technique of theirs."
Meara dreamily says, "I wonder if she'd recognize Bella."
Kazeth whispers, "Wow... I hope you show up more often..."
Talliska says, "Another thing I noticed from speaking with her was that she seems to have a dislike for the Philosophers of the Knife. In other words... guilded necromancers."
Talliska says, "She was pretty upset with Zerreck hiding in the background that night for whatever reason. Told him to cut out his magic and that it made her teeth itch. Something like that."
Kazeth slowly asks, "What profession is she then?"
Talliska says, "She uses necromancy. BUt I just don't think she associates with the guild of necromancers."
Talliska says, "I have seen her use such magic."
Atazai says, "Hard to know what can be believed with them. Tricky situations."
Kazeth slowly says, "A self-trained necromancer..."
Talliska says, "So I'm not sure what exactly sort of faction she is in, but it's obvious that those people are very interested in what empaths can do."
Talliska says, "In particular, Ahlureis is now on the look out for Asrea. She was the empath who linked Lyras in the final battle with her."
You ask, "Is she still trying to kidnap us?"
Talliska says, "I'm not sure if she is kidnapping just any empath now."
Talliska says, "When I talked to her it was clear she wanted to speak with Asrea in particular."
Alexsei says, "It goes to mention that Ahlureis and people similar to her should be considered extremely dangerous, if only because they might not always appear to be bad folks."
Atazai says, "I have heard a few disturbing things involving empathy and necromancy."
Hewlet confidently asks, "Who is Asrea?"
Atazai says, "A hero."
Talliska asks, "Want to explain Mia?"
Alexsei says, "It was rather easy to be wary of Lyras. Not so with some other defilers."
Atazai says, "Of sorts."
You say to Atazai, "Not much any more. She's been seen aiding a necromancer in Theren."
Atazai says, "And that's why we have meetings."
Kazeth slowly says, "I feel like we're the last good Empaths left..."
You say, "Asrea is an empath who linked with Lyras. This allowed K'Eksharo to complete a certain link to her that helped with her demise."
You say, "Recently, she's been seen working with Ricci up in There. Ricci is a confirmed necromancer. My own cousin saw him raise himself using foul magics."
You say, "Er in Theren that is."
Fyrresong says, "I wonder prehaps if they are teaching necros ways of empathy in some manner. That does sound disturbing."
Kazeth slowly says, "This is all so worrisome.. I now feel unsafe in what should be the safest place in the city."
You say, "No one knows what exactly K'Eksharo did. It's a ritual of our Guild that has not been taught to us."
Alexsei says, "It is suspected Ahlureis is interested in Asrea because of that link that helped with Lyras' demise. There seems to be something with the procedure - Asrea's role and K'Eksharo's power - that seems to draw her curiosity."
Talliska says, "And I'm even more clueless about it than Mia is."
Talliska says, "But we know that it worked. Whatever Eksharo did, and Asrea did... it helped kill Lyras."
Atazai says, "I haven't heard of teaching, but I've heard rumors of people starting believe empathy and thanatology are closely related."
Alexsei says, "Remember that necromancy by nature uses and perverts life magics."
Skizzy asks, "Well they heal themselves, don't they?"
Atazai says, "I've seen a necromancer heal, it's backwards."
Sortny asks, "Is it in the same manner that an Empath heals?"
Talliska says, "It also drove the Khola rae Moda into extreme shock I think. Not even sure where Eksharo is nowadays."
Alexsei says, "Principles of Sorcery are that by combining two or more mana types together, one can get new and powerful effects at the cost of stability and other unknown possible backlashes."
You say, "K'Eksharo lost his ability to link afterwards. That's the last we heard of him."
Sortny asks, "I wonder if it has to do with Empathic shock?"
Talliska says, "It's a shame we have not seen him in some time... But the last thing we'd want is for the necromancers to find out anything from him in a weakened state."
You say, "I know Asrea had really bad shock afterwards."
Skizzy says, "It's not the same, but they can mess up other people's bodies to fix their own. Sounds pretty similar."
Alexsei says, "Necromancy is a subdivision of Sorceries. As such, it uses life mana combined with other types. Therefore, there is a root of life magic in its use, though it is perverted by mixes and foul practices."
You say, "Several Empaths helped her share her burden."
Talliska says, "It seems like she carried other scars besides just the shock... given what associations she's made recently."
Alexsei says, "It is not a far stretch to think that if Ahlureis was to learn what occured during the life magic ritual leading to Lyras' demise, she might be able to adapt or extrapolate a related effect for her own use."
Atazai asks, "To take out Guilded necromancers?"
Sortny says, "Perhaps she has become more like that empath that used to shift people..."
Sortny asks, "Jomay?"
You say, "Jomay."
Alexsei says to Atazai, "Possibly, or to her own ends. Her end game is unknown to all but her at this point."
Alexsei says to Talliska, "In any case, sorry to interrupt, Talliska."
Talliska says, "That's very disturbing. But Ahlureis is such a puzzle. Her motives are still unclear though we know exactly what information she's seking."
Talliska says, "Seeking, too."
Kazeth slowly says, "If she's willing to kidnap and kill empaths, it doesn't matter what her end goal is. It's wrong, and evil."
Ribbet says, "Sorry for asking but why cant empaths shift people."
You say, "Shifting is against our guild rules."
You say, "Do to what happened with Jomay."
Crayzeke says, "Seems... interesting..."
Ribbet says, "Hmm.. is there a reason."
Talliska says, "One thing I'd like to ask the mages among us... If you do see Ahlureis about you may want to try to track her some how. I don't know if she and Asrea have gotten into contact yet."
Crayzeke says, "That one empath who is known for stealing away Empaths is seen on a night the guild was attacked... yet another Necromancer takes the blam..."
You say to Ribbet, "Jomay was shifting people against their will. And there was talk of shifting souls or something like that."
Sortny says, "I wonder."
Sortny asks, "Could Lyras have shifted into Asrea?"
Skizzy says, "Into .."
Kazeth slowly says, "Umm..."
Talliska says, "But if Ahlureis and Asrea do speak... that would be a conversation to hear. If at all possible."
Sortny says, "Or into Ekshara."
Fyrresong asks, "You mean the lichdom that took of lyras?"
Fyrresong says, "Over rather."
Tiakim says, "Thats a thought i dont even want to entertain."
Talliska says, "That's beyond my expertise, if that were possible it'd be frightening to say the least."
Sortny says, "Er Eksharo rather."
Kazeth slowly says, "Scary..."
Tiakim says, "I believe Ahlureis is seeking out Asrea to learn a way to defend herself from what happened to Lyras."
Talliska says, "Anyways, if any of you skilled mages among us do track and speak to Ahlureis, or find out if she's met Asrea, or so on... I'd appreciate it if you could come to a future meeting and let us know what happened. Or to any of us Roses."
Alexsei says, "It will be hard to extrapolate more. Needless to say, everyone should be wary of the insideous threat, the one that does not always look overt. We should not fall into zealotry, but you should all keep your eyes peeled and your steps cautious."
Sortny says, "Suppose the soul shift took place already, that could be why Ahlureis is looking for Asrea, to make contact or to wake Lyras up again."
Talliska says, "It's possible that we may want to avoid them meeting altogether. Or if anyone knows Asrea personally... try to discourage her from cooperating."
Ariya whispers to your group, "alex uses such big words"
Talliska says, "Anyway, I do have a couple more topics to cover before I go on, I know we're running a bit over two anlaen now."
Talliska asks, "Are you folks willing to put up with me a bit longer?"
Sortny says, "Sure."
Tiakim exclaims, "Never!"
Fyrresong says, "But of course."
Siltoth says, "I just got here."
Kazeth slowly says, "Absolutely."
Talliska exclaims, "Eep not the tickle spot!"
Sortny says to Siltoth, "Yer late."
Siltoth says to Sortny, "You should have reminded me."
Ariya says, "Siltoth is never late, he is always fashionably on time."
Talliska says, "Okay then, let's move away from all the necromancer talk and toward some more events that recently occurred in Therengia."
Talliska says, "And welcome to the latecomers."
Sortny asks, "Oh the invasion yesterday?"
Ariya says, "Ymm."
Ariya asks, "Who has the eye up?"
Talliska says, "Oh mine was actually a few andaen ago."
Ariya says, "Ok."
Tiakim says, "Thats my nifty ability to keep us safe from hidden invaders."
Talliska says, "If you know about a more recent one I'd love if you could talk about it."
Talliska says, "But let me go over what I know first."
Talliska says, "On the 21st day of Akroeg, another invasion of red bear orcs occurred in Langenfirth and up the trade route toward Therenborough."
Talliska says, "It seemed fairly typical for this sort of invasion. The lesser skilled orc scouts came first, followed progressively by the bandits, raiders, reivers, slashers and marauders."
Ariya says, "I got split in half."
Talliska says, "Aww! Those meanies."
Hewlet confidently says, "She blames me."
Ariya says, "I do."
Talliska says, "Chieftain Viggu did not show this time around, as far as I know, though the Theren Guard and militia made an effort to seek him out once their cities were secure."
Talliska says, "One fact to note is that the orcs never invaded past the Therenborough gate this time around. They congregated in great numbers right outside the gate, though."
Kazeth slowly says to Ariya, "Glad you're safe now."
Talliska says, "There were a couple of odd occurrences I either saw, or heard about on the gweth, that happened in that vicinity."
Talliska says, "Once, Court Cleric Meidori mentioned seeing a large orc run from the Therenborough gate with a large sack with a human foot sticking out."
Atazai says, "Yes."
Atazai says, "I was there and saw that."
Atazai says, "After the fighting was over."
Talliska says, "While I was standing outside the gate, I also noticed an orc clan-chief fade into view for a moment, then suddenly disappear when he tugged a chain around his neck."
Kazeth slowly asks, "Did they kidnap someone?"
Talliska says, "The thought crossed my mind that the attack that day was meant to be a distraction. or at the very least, that attacking the keep was definitely not the goal this time around."
Siltoth asks Kazeth, "The butler?"
Skizzy asks, "Not to be crude, but was the foot still attached to a person at the time?"
Atazai says, "The sack was rather large."
Talliska says, "A kidnapping is possible from the hints I saw. And it did seem lik ethe bag was full."
Atazai says, "And looked occupied."
Skizzy says, "Just wonderin' if we're talkin' about a body-snatch or a kidnapping, is all."
Sortny asks, "But who was taken?"
Talliska says, "Seemed almost like the invasion was there so orcs could go into the city in hiding and capture... whomever."
Sortny says, "Oh dear."
Talliska asks, "I am not sure anyone has confirmed that. Do you know, Atazai?"
Kazeth slowly asks, "They didn't take a head-count? No idea who's missing?"
Talliska says, "If it were a major figure we'd have heard about it by now I'm sure."
Atazai says, "I haven't heard of anyone known to be missing. A group led by Marsais went to Rossman's to search."
Atazai says, "They found nothing."
Sortny says, "I'd go see if the shopkeepers are still there."
Talliska says, "I know that Viggu regularly kidnaps ordinary townsfolk too though. For his err... breeding experiments."
Kazeth slowly says, "That's..."
Talliska asks, "Sortny, you said there was another invasion recently in Theren? Was it orcs, or something other?"
Sortny says, "I was trading the other day."
Sortny says, "And while I was running my caravan from Langenfirth to Therenborough. I noticed that along the north road there were critters."
Sortny says, "Which normally they do nae roam."
Sortny says, "I saw rock guardians, rock trolls and granite gargoyles."
Alexsei says, "That is a harsh but true concept, yes. Viggu has been known to kidnap females to breed with his orcs. There are no words."
Siltoth asks, "Bad moon maybe?"
Atazai says, "Hmm..."
Atazai says, "All earth related."
Sortny says, "I could handle the trolls and gargs but nae the guardians."
Sortny says, "But I did nae hear anything on the gweth."
Talliska says, "True. Sometimes the critters just wander out of their normal areas, we've gotten odd invasions like that here in Zoluren before too."
Ariya says, "Wait what."
Atazai says, "I've never seen a gargoyle north of Crossing."
Ariya asks, "Who kidnaps females to breed with orcs?"
Sortny says to Ariya, "Viggu."
Alexsei says, "Chieftain Viggu."
Talliska says to Ariya, "Viggu does."
Talliska says, "He's the chieftain of the red bear orcs."
Ariya says, "Well...I married a tog...."
Ariya says, "But I don't think I could mate with an Orc."
Sortny says, "Nae even close."
Alexsei says, "He also collect teeth. Take that as you will."
Sortny says, "I did report it on the gweth."
Kazeth slowly says to Ariya, "I don't think there was an option for whoever was stolen..."
Sortny says, "When I came back through the area on the way to Langenfirth, they were gone."
Sortny says, "But they did nae go past the mistwood road."
Talliska says, "They've got pretty quick response there so likely they took care of it."
Alexsei says, "Lady Drexella reports that he stole hers when she was caught by him once."
Talliska says, "Thanks for the report."
Sortny says, "Or south of the thicket."
Sortny asks, "Stole her what?"
Ariya asks, "Her teeth?"
Atazai asks, "Have populations of the creatures in their normal environment gone down?"
Alexsei says, "A few of her teeth."
Sortny asks, "Ye think they are migrating?"
Atazai says, "I hunt guardians sometimes, hasn't seemed any slower."
Talliska whispers to your group, "I make a point to kill a few every time I'm in Rossman's."
Atazai says, "ALl three from mountainous regions, certainly strange."
Talliska says, "Okay, I do have one more topic to bring up before I wrap up here."
Tiakim whispers to your group, "frown"
Talliska says, "It's a report that came to me from Zynara Lonemoon of Therengia. She actually meant to speak up last meeting."
Talliska says, "But things got pretty chaotic what with the reaction to the Ferdahl meeting the Dragon Priests... Understandable."
Talliska says, "But I cut her off and she wasn't able to speak. So I told her I would listen to her report and give it today."
Talliska says, "In any case, this relates to an incident during which the Court Advisor of Therengia, Valkri Hygia, went on a diplomatic trip to the Outcast Tribes."
Talliska says, "During her meeting with King Raenilar, he brought up his intention to 'seek revenge' on Queen Morganae on the Mountain Elves, should he ever get the opportunity."
Talliska says, "Zynara's concern stemmed from the possibility that Raenilar might eventually move forward with these plans on the pretense that Queen Morganae is influencing the Ferdahl toward erratic behavior."
Talliska says, "Now all of this is speculation of course, but she cited that the Ferdahl has mountain elves in her court, and her recent decision to meet with the Dragon Priests, as evidence of such behavior."
Talliska says, "The reason Zynara wanted us in Zoluren to know is because any aggression on King Raenilar's part toward Queen Morganae, or even the Ferdahl, could potentially put our province in the middle of the conflict."
Talliska asks, "And that is the extent of her report... any questions or comments?"
Kazeth slowly says, "Again..."
Atazai says, "Um..."
Crayzeke says, "Mabe then the Infantry will be back.."
Talliska asks Atazai, "Did you have anything to bring up?"
Alexsei says, "That is our lot, and thus our duty. Being in the middle ground is a big responsibility, one each and everyone of us should meet."
Skizzy says, "Is there a list somewhere of all these people I'm supposed to be runnin' away from? I can't keep track of who's helpin' who."
Fyrresong says, "I've seen priest roam in crossing long ago. So I recommend if you see them walking even near our city, Report 'em and seek good shelter. They come in a rough onslaught."
Talliska says, "Just a final caveat, what I just gave was second-hand information. I was to go to Theren and get some direct confirmation about the meeting with Raenilar, but did not have the time."
Katjia asks, "Regarding Lasciel, do I not heal her if she asks?"
Kazeth slowly asks Skizzy, "Feels like everyone is evil, don't it?"
Talliska says, "Well, we can't specifically tell empaths what to do."
Skizzy says to Kazeth, "I'm stockin' up on flowers, that's for sure."
Sortny asks, "Flowers?"
Katjia says, "She opened a gate at the fountain the other day, walked through and asked for a heal."
Kazeth slowly says to Katjia, "I thought to heal anyone and everyone who needed my services... but just like being neutral, I have been taught differently."
Skizzy exclaims to Kazeth, "Somebody's gonna touch me and steal my soul or kidnap me or somethin!"
Talliska says, "I'd recommend against going out of your way to help her, though, given that associating with her is going to be a black mark on your reputation. And potentially the Rose's."
Fyrresong says, "Sometimes even neutral can be bad. Luckily that's not too often though."
Alexsei says, "It may seem scary, and it is. But the opposite is also true. There is strength in number on either side. If you suspect you are in danger, seek help. Do not meet threats alone."
You say, "That's what the rings are for."
Atazai says, "Yes, I'm good at meeting threats alone and dying somewhat quickly."
Talliska says, "However she may behave outside of her necro-supporting activities, she did those actions. She built that reputation by throwing in her lot with people like Zerreck."
Kazeth slowly says, "I will remember to use mine when I see bad things happening."
Talliska says, "And I'll say I actually liked Lasciel in the past. So it's hard to say that kind of thing but it's true."
Katjia says, "Nice big friends are good too."
Alexsei says, "If you are not sure who to ask, then seek one of us - we will try to help to the best of our abilities."
Talliska says, "We do have these nifty rings too."
Talliska asks, "Okay I've seriously rambled enough. Mia, still with me?"
You say, "I am."
Fyrresong exclaims, "And don't forget your prayers to keep the Lulled World Dragon asleep!"
You ask, "My turn then?"
You say, "I'm Mialeigh Arekher, Recruiting Director for the Order of the White Rose. If you're interested in joining, please feel free to talk to me or my assistant Meara."
You say, "Anyways, on to the fun stuff. We have a bunch of events in the works, starting with those closest to home. In Zoluren, we have The Order of the Apostles Tea Party Lecture at the Rest of Ages Inn, Taproot Tavern in two days; a Black Fox Fishing Tournament, an Apostles Joust and Trader Market Days: Bridal Faire in six days; and the Order of the Apostles Game Night: Denied! in seven."
You say, "Our neighbors to the North the Theren Guard Presents Your Community and Northern Watch Combat Training in four days; the Theren Theatre Series in six days; The Order of the Theren Guard Fishing Competition! In seven days; and Northern Watch Combat Training in eleven days."
You say, "Ilithi has plenty of events coming up as well. In three days, there is Big Liar! and a Visions Meeting in five days. A Ilithian Provincial Joust takes place in seven days followed by a Theology Discussion in eight."
You say, "Lastly, our friends across the sea on the islands are hosting an Iron Circle Hunt in seven days."
You say, "Now, I was advised that Sortny had something she wished to announce so I will go ahead and pass the floor to her."
Sortny says, "Greetings."
Sortny says, "My name is Sortny Quartre-Plea, Trader and proprietor of my mercantile here in the city of Crossing."
Sortny says, "I am Chairperson of the Trader's Consortium."
Sortny says, "I coordinate the traders in our Trader Market Days."
Sortny says, "In about six days it'll start in Shard. This time it's a Bridal Faire."
Katjia says, "Ooo bridal."
Sortny says, "It'll be from noon to nine evening Elven bells."
Katjia asks, "Need a groom though?"
Sortny says, "Lots of wares will be on display. I'm recruiting a lot of other Traders for this."
Meara dreamily says, "Sounds fun."
Sortny says, "Plus encouraging the shops to be open in the plaza."
Sortny says, "It'll be for two days."
Talliska says, "Oh I bet it'll be fun. I remember having a blast shopping for the ball. Though I'm already married...."
Sortny says, "I will have formal wear as well as rings for sale."
Katjia says, "But we can just buy."
Meara dreamily exclaims, "Could renew!"
Katjia says, "Don't need a wedding."
Fyrresong asks, "Dress to impress?"
You say to Talliska, "We can go and pretend we're shopping for our daughters."
Sortny says, "Ye can buy gifts for others."
Katjia exclaims, "Rings!"
Katjia says, "Need more fingers."
Sortny says, "I'm sure there will be weddings soon."
Meara dreamily says to you, "I think I might tag along for that."
Sortny says, "Formal wear for men too."
Manze says to Katjia, "You would look funny with twelve fingers."
Sortny says, "Cravats and ties."
Katjia says, "But I could wear more rings."
Sortny says, "Formal jackets and trousers."
Sortny says, "As well as wedding gowns for the brides."
Katjia says, "Oh."
Tiakim asks, "Are there going to be clerics about to give kiss roses as well?"
Sortny says, "I will also have some of the newer fabrics there too."
Tiakim says, "I think that would be a good idea.."
Sortny says, "Just in case ye might be looking for alteration material."
Sortny says, "I had this made recently."
Tiakim says, "Thats lovely."
Sortny says, "Thank ye."
Sortny says, "Anyway come down to Shard for the weekend."
Katjia says, "Something in blue."
Sortny says, "That's all I have to say."
Sortny asks, "Oh questions?"
Tiakim says, "I mumble sorry."
Tiakim says, "I asked if there were going to been clerics available to make kiss roses for to be couples."
Sortny says, "Oh the roses."
Sortny says, "I'll talk with them."
Sortny says, "I'm sure I can get some."
Sortny says, "I have one but I need more."
Katjia says, "Don't need to be a couple to shop though."
Sortny says, "Thank ye for reminding me."
Tiakim says, "Was just tryin to through a random idea i had out there."
Tiakim says, "Im full of em."
Alexsei says, "I can try to make a few if you have need, miss Sortny."
Tiakim asks, "Throw?"
Tiakim asks, "Through?"
Sortny asks Alexsei, "Oh could ye?"
Katjia says, "Take a guy shopping come back married."
Katjia says, "He wont know what hit him."
Alexsei says, "Do let me know and I will make you some."
You ask, "Gonna drag courage boy down there?"
Sortny says to Alexsei, "I'd appreciate it. Or ye could sell them down there."
Litrel says, "I've fallen victim to that tactic twice yet."
Katjia says, "He is against marriage."
Katjia asks, "Went shopping came back a groom and broke?"
Alexsei says, "Oh, I will give them to you, you can sell them at your leisure. I am not much of a tradesman."
Litrel says, "Yeah, I have a hard time saying no to up-sale."
Sortny says to Alexsei, "Ye never know. Someone might need a cleric to marry them while they are down shopping in Shard."
Katjia asks, "Buy a dress up-sale to a marriaage?"
Fyrresong says, "Yes I'd like to see more Clerics give marriages."
Katjia says, "So a divorce would be a down-sale."
Litrel says, "A slippery slope, indeed."
Tiakim says, "Woow."
You say, "Alexsei married my husband and I."
You say, "Long long ago....."
Alexsei says, "No need to extrapolate on how long, I am dated already."
Sortny says, "Anyway yer all welcome to spread the news."
Tiakim asks, "You know what would go perfect with that dress?"
You say to Alexsei, "So am I."
Sortny says to Tiakim, "Pretty."
Sortny asks, "Anyways that's all I had. Any more questions?"
Alexsei says, "Well then, thank you miss Sortny for the announcement. I hope the event is a resounding success."
Tiakim says, "Shes got the ensemble im sure."
Alexsei says, "If no one else has anything else to share or add, then I believe we have reached the end of this meeting, folks. With no casualties, no less."
Tiakim says, "I like fashion what can i say..."
Katjia asks, "Marriaes considered casualties?"
Fyrresong says, "I can play the casualty if we were seeking one."
Tiakim says, "Im the ebon god, the most beautiful elothean to ever live."
Alexsei says, "Thank you all for attending folks - these are only as successful as you make them. Your attendance is priceless to us."

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