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Status Active
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime
Relatives Kharybell, Ninedra, Calibanor
Citizenship Ilithi
Roleplay Stance Heavy
PvP Stance Guarded
Currently Hunting Dirge Moths


You are Hunter Hanryu Ves'Shomis, Battle Ranger of Ilithi, a Kaldar.
You have a square-jawed face and leaf-green eyes. Your dark brown hair is short and peppered, and is worn tied back. You have weathered skin and a stocky build. You are in your prime.
You have an elegantly trimmed mustache on your upper lip and an elegantly trimmed full beard.
You have a tattoo of a layered swathe of dark brown strokes rippling down his forearm, curving into inky black bear claws on your right knuckles.

You are wearing a cured leather hair tie, a full-length bearskin cloak, a mottled sleeveless tunic, a mistwood wedding band with intricate carvings, a spiritwood banded hunter's carryall, a bear-skin battle belt fastened with a windsteel Rangers' Guild crest buckle, some brushed suede pants lined with brass rivets and some bear-skin riding boots with silver spurs.

Important Events

Born: 18th day of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Iron Toad, 354 years AVL
Joined Ranger Guild: 40th day of Ka'len the Sea Drake in the year of the Iron Toad, 375 years AVL.
Attained Ranger (30th circle): Ka'len the Sea Drake in the year year of the Silver Unicorn, 378 years AVL.
Married to Kharybell Calibanor: 27th day of Uthmor the Giant in the year of the Silver Unicorn, 378 years AVL.
Joined Mentor Society: 23th day of Lirisa the Archer in the year of the Bronze Wyvern, 379 years AVL.
Joined Emerald Knights: 39th day of Akroeg the Ram in the year of the Emerald Dolphin, 383 years AVL.
Chosen Ambassador of Ilithi to Therengia: 23rd day of Moliko the Balance, the Amber Phoenix, 388 years AVL.
Ambassadorship expires, Summer 390 AVL.
Assumes volunteer role with Ilithi militia, Summer 390 AVL.
Leaves volunteer role with militia (9/7/08).
Achieves Legendary Ranger Status, 8th Moliko, Silver Unicorn, 392 AVL
First Place -- Jousting --Elanthics, 401 AVL
First Place Team -- Tactical War Challenge -- Elanthics, 401 AV
Jousting Champion -- Order of the Dragon Shield grounds opening -- 27th day, 9th month, 401 A.L.
Goes on long tour in the Dark Hand area in service to the Emerald Knights: 404-422 A.L.
Achieves 200th circle: 436 years, 137 days AVL, 4th month of Shorka the Cobra (11/11/2020)
Joins Crafter's Union and begins to focus on his Armorer Career -- 434
Wins Division 6c World Jousting Tournament Finals -- 5 Uthmor 444 (2023-01-27)
Wins Division 7 World Jousting Tournament Finals -- 21 Akroeg 448 (2024-01-26)


I am Hanryu Ves'Shomis, son of Kinerek, Sword of House Calibanor.

Where does one start a tale of a Kaldar's life? Hard to say but let’s start 100 years before the victory of the one you call Lanival the Dragon, the one I call Xin'Alaudas reborn. In that time long ago the Gorbesh ruled Albaria from their port capital of Eimitek. The western borders had been sealed against the Ocular threat by a great wall and the lands to the north had been secured by the priests against the dangers of the Dark Hand. However threats from both sides were still eminent and many felt we had grown foolish with our attacks on Kremoria when such dangers beaconed at our door. Some began to call for a return to our roots, when we were strong and sharp, not soft. A time when we lived not in plush cities dreaming of conquest, but in the forests, guarded by the gods. A man stepped forward and led my people from the cities. Elder Duveus struck a bargain with Emperor Gotiez; the Kaldar would protect the western lands and live free!

It was at the time of the Great Schism that my ancestors moved with the others to the west. They wandered long, lead by a man who claimed to hear a Call from the forests. In truth it was this man's wife that heard the call. They found a font in a clearing, and here settled. The man took the name Ves'shomis: Forest Guardian. They fought against the Ocular threat when it was called of them, but mostly they protected their little corner of Albaria. What little contact with the empire that occurred in those long ago times, was cut almost completely after the great Prophet Akiran Dein was executed. He too must have been called to our spring, and when he came my six-time grandmother was the priestess of the shrine. She heard his teachings of the Thirteen call to her and finally she knew whose spring we kept, Lemicus. When the call went out for craftsmen to build the statue of the great prophet Dein, our village answered.

And so the tribe lived and prospered under the watchful eye of Lemicus as she called to the women from that spring. It is of that line of women, 450 years after the settlement that I was born on the 18 Day of Nissa, 354 AV. My mother was the then priestess of the shrine, my father, Kinerek a craftsman. He held dear to him a small piece of the statue that had been handed down the generations; a piece I now wear about my neck. Kinerek would often travel in the summer months to neighboring villages to sell his armors and various other tanned goods. In those months when I was not helping to tend our gardens and livestock, I would listen as my mother taught my sister of the Path. I would accompany my father on the shorter hunts whenever he allowed me to. It is from him that I learned the way of the woods and a love for Kuniyo. Our life was good but the heart of our village had been struck. You see in the year of my birth 354 years after the Victory, the Gorbesh set out yet again to conquer. We were spared from the major conscriptions that happened in the years prior to the Gorbesh War, but the great migration, took its toll as many of our village vanished to find a better life.

I was 15 in the winter of the year 369, the year I too heard the Call. Seeing a clear winter day my father had decided to collect just a few more skins before we set to tanning. For reasons I can only attest to fate, he forbade me to go this day, instead telling me I should start the tanning preparations. While I was disappointed I thought nothing of it, as it was often my task to scrape the skins and prepare the oils. A storm hit, the likes of which I've only seen twice in my life. Despite my mother's protests I went in search of my father at the first sign of that dim daylight. The storm still raged, though not as it had the day before. Only by the grace of the Thirteen did I not join my father in my foolishness. Kinerek, son of Marunek, of the Ves'shomis Tribe is still on that hunt.

It was less than a year later that I set off from that little village. I could no longer ignore the Call. I heard my father and all the others whispering in my dreams, beckoning me to the great adventure. My mother must have understood the power of the Call, for while she was saddened to see me leave, she sent me with her blessings. I made my way through the forests to Eimitek. The city was unbearable! Despite its luster and grandeur, I saw the truth beneath the facade. I could not live in a city and forsake the voice of the wilderness. Thinking of my village guardian, I entrusted my fate to Eluned. As winter drew closer I needed food and shelter, so I hired myself out to a merchant company thinking only of adventure and chasing after the Call. I was but 17 when we set sail that following spring. For three years I worked the docks and shorter trips up and down the coast of Albaria.

Then in the fall of 374 before one of the last long hauls I was told to grab my gear, I was going. Being the grunt on a ship is hard and distracting work, and being in that city had dulled my senses, but I still felt the storm coming. We all knew we were in trouble. I don't remember much of what happened, running on pure instinct and adrenaline has a way of distorting reality. I do remember the Call thrumming in my soul, and I focused on that. The ship was badly damaged and half the crew dead from the lightning, the fire, or the sea, but I and few others made it out alive. With no supplies to repair the vessel, and all the charts and navigational instruments gone along with the captain and that whole deck, we floated and I prayed. We were running low on supplies and the injured were getting sick when we spotted sails on the horizon, little did we know that we had been blown into the Reshal Sea. We managed to signal the vessel, which turned out to be a pirate ship out of Hara. They had been running from bounty hunters when the remnants of the storm that struck us blew them off course. We managed to trade what was left of our goods and services for passage. Some of that crew stayed on with the pirates, the rest of us were unceremoniously dumped at Wingtip Cove. As far as dealings with pirates go ... it could have been worse.

I made my way to Crossing as so many other immigrants have. I stumbled across a Moon Mage by the name of Meggansera Kendryke who recognized that I could not stay in a city. She showed me to the Ranger guild outside of town and finally after five years the Call subsided. This is where I was supposed to be. I still hear a murmur when I am out in the depths of the woods. My father whispers to me from Kuniyo's side, and I sense the eyes of Lamicius in the springs of the forest, but I am at peace. I've found a beautiful lass and Elven though she may be, her heart is strong, and it hears the same Call. Kharybell and I were wed on the 5 of Uthmor, 378. We have a cozy place near Fayrin's Rest, and we can sometimes ignore the Call for the peace it affords. Most often we travel though, she healing the adventurers we find, and I seeking the next pelt. The peaceful clearings and the grand vistas; we share.