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The Northern Watch, commissioned under His Grace, Baron Gyfford Theren, is a military organization dedicated to providing steadfast support to Therengia, the Baron and his family, and the provincial citizens. Our guiding principal is Deeds above Words, which exemplifies our commitment to action over inaction; we do good things to good people, and bad things to bad people.

Originally founded by Sir Madigan, the Watch continued over the years under the guidance of several notable Commanders, including Marsais, Jerid, Jayrbee, Frodes, and Lyathe. After almost twenty years of inactivity, the Watch was reestablished in the year 441 under the command of Sir Madigan.

While serving the whole of Therengia, the Watch maintains it's headquarters in Rossman's Landing.


Units within the Watch are set up to promote efficiency. Each unit performs missions, distributes information, and gathers together socially under the direction of their unit Lieutenant and Sergeant.

Officers (which includes the Command Unit, Lieutenants, and the Order Liaison) will meet on a weekly basis. Each Lieutenant will set regular meetings with their unit. Full Watch meetings will be had as needed.

Command Unit

Commander: Sir Madigan De'Mascus
Executive Officer: Mazrian
Court Liaison: Dantia

First Combat Unit

Primary fighting force that specializes in PvP, but may assist in invasions and creature combat.

Lieutenant: Malkien
Sargent: Warbrolus

Second Combat Unit

Fighting force that specializes in invasions, creature combat, and non-PvP situations.

Lieutenant: Kintryn

Support Unit

Wide variety of non-combat focused roles, including stationary triage for big missions, intel, social coordination, etc.

Lieutenant: Sekmeht


Membership in the Northern Watch requires an unparalleled devotion to Therengia, its people, and your comrades. This organization is for Therengian citizens who thrive working within a military-style command structure, who want to be part of a tight-knit group who are ready and willing to act, and who want to challenge themselves to learn and grow as a team.

All members (including the Command Unit) are required to run the Gauntlet, which is a rite of passage that tests your grit and perseverance. Completion of the Gauntlet builds 'espirit de corps', creating a common bond between all Watch members.

Combat Academy

Information coming soon.

Sapphire Academy

The Sapphire Academy is a classroom-based instructional opportunity for Empaths to learn the basics of being an Empath. Over an 11 week course, Academy students will learn the ins and outs of healing, Empath spells, PVE combat, shock, triage, and front line healing basics.

How does this differ from an Apprenticeship? The Academy provides a somewhat quick and dirty understanding of the basics of being an Empath. The goal is to get you off and running on your Empath adventure! An Apprenticeship (usually) involves more in-depth exploration of history and lore, and more hands-on training in the areas you are specifically interested in. Think of the Sapphire Academy as your high school diploma and an Apprenticeship as your Bachelors degree.

How much combat will you cover? Will there be PVP? The Academy will go over the basics of individual PVE combat only, no PVP and no group mechanics. The instruction is built so that after you graduate, if you want, you can transition to Combat Academy (run by Mazrian), which focuses on group combat. PVP can be discussed individually as added on instruction.

How do I sign up? If you are interested, please seek out Dantia.

Can I be an instructor? Yes! We would love more experienced Empaths to pass on their knowledge! We have a syllabus written for each week covering the bullet points to cover. All you need to do is show up and spark the conversation. Please reach out to Dantia!