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Mialeigh Arekher
Race Human
Gender Female
Guild Empath
Instance Prime

Mialeigh Arekher is a member of the Empath Guild. She is married to Halcier Arekher, a member of the Lorenthew Mentor Society and the Order of the White Rose. They have three children, twins Baniala and Kendiala (who now goes by Lyalshabi) and son Beriden. She spends most of her time wandering around the Crossing healing any who ask. She will accept tips but loves to heal for hugs.


You are Master Empath Mialeigh Arekher, a Human Empath.
You have a heart-shaped face and sparkling sapphire eyes. Your platinum-streaked black hair is very long and curly, and is worn braided in a regal coronet threaded with a blue silk ribbon embroidered with purple jadice flowers. You have tanned skin and a lithe figure.
You are short for a Human.
A series of delicate kunzite roses with jade stems float lazily around your right forearm, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin.
You appear to be in your prime.
You have a tattoo of a winged heart surrounded by flames on your shoulder.

You are wearing some faceted diamond earrings set in bluish-white anlora-avtoma studs, a flowing gown of fine mistsilk clasped with a platinum rose, a leather scholar's satchel embossed with a seven-pointed star, a banded cobalt albredine ring, a narrow jade wedding band inlaid with a twining golden rose, a polished platinum ring etched with the outline of an open rose, an albredine crystal ring, a triple-stranded copper hip chain dangling with tiny cambrinth doves, an elegant anlora-avtoma anklet with draping chain loops around a huge cerulean sapphire, a cambrinth ankle cuff inlaid with citrine doves to spell ALBREDA and some silvery sandals tied with thin spidersilk ribbons.

Quick Facts

Affiliations: Zoluren Militia, Phoenix Triage Unit (formerly, during Outcast War), Order of the White Rose

Birthday: You were born on the 9th day of the 8th month of Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe in the year of the Amber Phoenix, 360 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

Lineage: Unknown. She has three teenaged children and a toddler. Three are with her husband. The fourth was the result of her captivity.

Relationship Status: Married to Halcier Arekher since the 9th month of Dolefaren the Brigantine (ship) in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare, 377.

Best Friends: Talliska Wildclaw and Alexsei Krauser who are like family to her.

Religion: Mialeigh used to be a devout worshipper of Truffenyi but since her escape from captivity, she has been praying more to Albreda and has become devoted to Her. However, she does praise all of the Immortals.


I. Life in the Wilds

Mialeigh was born in the Crossing to a trader father and a cleric mother. She does not remember her parents and their names escape her. She does remember, however, that her father would often take them with him on his routes. When she was about three years of age, she was found by a ravanged caravan in the outskirts of Leth by an old Elven herbalist. While no bodies were ever found, it was supposed that her parents had died in a bandit attack. Yet Mialeigh sometimes wishes that they would be out there, somewhere.

Galmollien, the Elven herbalist that found her, took her home and raised her as his own, training her in his craft. It was always expected that she would remain apprenticed to him and would take over as healer in their small village (to the east of Leth near the river) once she was skilled enough. This all changed around the time that Mialeigh hit puberty. As she began to go through the changes that would make her a woman, Galmollien was astonished to discover that she had a gift. Mialeigh could heal by touch.

II. A Journey

Galmollien attempted to assist Mialeigh in learning her gift, but by the time she was 16 years old he knew it was hopeless. Packing a small backpack full of a few meager belongs, he escorted Mialeigh to the gates of their village and advised her to see out K'annael Ebeshalek of the Crossing Empath Guild. After a tearful goodbye, Mialeigh put the backpack on her shoulders and began making her way to the ferry north of Leth. She was returning to her birthplace.

As the ferry made its way across the Segoltha River, Mialeigh's eyes grew big as saucers. She had never seen a town so large. Clutching the straps of her backpack tight, she made her way to the Empath Guild, asking for directions from townspeople whenever she got lost. She finally made it to the guild and the guild leader, joining quickly she sought out the Infirmary to begin to learn how to use her gift.

III. A Chance Meeting and Love at First Sight

Mialeigh had no control over her gift in the beginning and often struggled to understand what her teachers were trying to tell her. One busy day in the Infirmary, she overhealed and quickly learned the consequences. Her mind despaired as her life force began to fade and she felt herself die. An older Empath assisted her to the Cleric Guild and she was brought back to life. After this, that Empath took her under his wing and began to teach her the life of an Empath. This was how she met her, Mentor Kaskrim, who quickly became a father figure to her.

Kaskrim began to introduce her to his friends and Mialeigh began to feel a little less lonely. Then one day, Kaskrim introduced her to this young Warrior Mage. As she glanced up from beneath her lashes into his kind eyes, it was love at first sight. And through Halcier, she met Talliska Wildclaw and Alexsei Krauser, two people who would quickly become her best friends.

Halcier and Mialeigh began dating and eventually fell in love. They were married at Tamsine's Rest in Leth by Alexsei. Little more than a year later, the twins were born.

IV. A Pilgrimage of Pain and Sorrow

During this period, Zoluren was involved in the Outcast War. Halcier and Mialeigh joined the militia and ended up in the Phoenix. Mialeigh served within their Triage unit. The horrors that she saw during this war led her to believe that the Immortals wanted her to go on a pilgrimage of peace and healing. Saying goodbye to her husband, daughters and friends, Mialeigh made her way around the realms for several long years. After a brief visit back when the girls were toddlers, Mialeigh left again.

This time, she would be gone for a long time. Ambushed on the road, Mialeigh was captured and held captive by a bandit group (ooc: I had to take a break, the pilgrimage and captivity is to explain this absence from the game). Held in a cage, she was forced to heal for them every time they went on a raid. She recently came clean to her closest friends and her husband about the full ordeal she endured.

V. A Vision and An Escape

Years passed and Mialeigh began to despair. She felt that she had been abandoned by the Immortals and sought to take her own life, permanently. The night that she chose to do this, she sat huddled in her cage, grasping the sliver of glass she had secreted away for this purpose, Mialeigh sent one last plea to the Immortals. Moonlight began to pour down into her cage and a dove flew down and rested at her feet. A loving voice spoke to her, "Be patient my child. Your freedom will come." Mialeigh tossed the sliver out of the cage into the bushes and began to hope once more. From then on, the dove could be seen in the trees just to the side of her cage and would often come close but never spoke again.

She continued to heal the men of the camp, but the women continued to avoid her. Until one day, a woman was having difficulty with a birth. She was bleeding badly and the midwife did not know what to do to staunch the blood flow. As the woman was one of the leader's concubines, the midwife was allowed to bring Mialeigh to the birthing room. Mialeigh healed the woman and her child was able to be born healthy and male.

Two nights later, the women came to her with Mialeigh's few belongings that had not been distributed amongst the bandits and a few scant supplies such as water and bread. Unlocking the cage, the woman quickly explained that she had drugged her husband and his men. They would sleep for two anlas. Mialeigh had that time to make her escape.

Mialeigh did not wait another moment, she quickly got dressed and headed out into the woods. The dove appeared again. It seemed to want her to follow it, so she did. The dove lead her out to the Trade Road and with what felt like a kiss upon her forehead disappeared into the heavens.

VI. Reunions

Making her way back to the Crossing, Mialeigh was unsure what her reception would be. She had been gone 15 long years. She did not know if she was still married, if her girls would remember her or if anyone she knew was still around. She was unaware that the barrier had fallen and Lyras was loose.

The first person she saw when she returned to town was her best friend Talliska. Soon she was also reunited with Alexsei. They brought her up to date on the situation in Zoluren and told her that her husband had remained loyal to her all these years.

Several days passed without seeing her husband and Mialeigh grew more and more nervous as time passed. But, when she finally was reunited with him, it all faded away. She still loved him and he was still in love with her. They recently celebrated the birth of their third child, a son Beriden.

Learning that the militia had been disbanded, Mialeigh sought membership with the Order of the White Rose in order to work with their Triage Team. She was accepted as a recruit and began working under Alexsei. She worked tirelessly through the invasions and was in the Temple the day that Lyras and her minions were permanently destroyed. She now seeks to enjoy time with her husband and children.

VII. Life Goes On

Mialeigh recently stepped down from the Order so that she may care for her husband's ailing parents. Travelling north past Therenbourgh, she is now encased within the their home with her son.