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Thanatology (from the Greek thanatos, meaning death) is a Necromancer-only skill and embodies a mixture of the study of death and dying, gross anatomy, and occult or demonic rites.

Spells and abilities that boost Thanatology

Spells and abilities that decrease Thanatology



Thanatology replaced the originally proposed Scarification skill. Scarification was intended to be used on living creatures in combat via attacks with a knife. It was replaced with Thanatology partway through the development of the Necromancer Guild.

Training methods

Thanatology is essentially a combat skill and every method of learning it happens in combat in some capacity. Presently, the best and fastest means of learning Thanatology alone is by using the Dissection ritual on a corpse, though a Necromancer may wish to use other combinations (such as Preserve/Harvest) depending on their training priorities and what they are presently hunting. Thanatology is unique in that it cannot be taught or learned in classes, even from other Necromancers.

The means of gaining Thanatology experience at present are:

  • Using any Thanatological Rituals on a corpse you are able to learn from. Learning ranges are much broader than for other combat skills. Many rituals also teach other skills along with Thanatology, such as Skinning or First Aid.
  • The special attack of a construct created with Quicken the Earth teaches a small amount of Thanatology.
  • The attacks of an arisen zombie created with Call From Beyond will teach a small amount of Thanatology as well as Targeted Magic.

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