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Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime


You see Lord General Leucius Delarrazio, PeaceKeeper of the Ilithi Court.
He has a proud yet hardened warrior's face with chiseled jawline and deep smile lines around his eyelids, piercing viridian eyes and a straight, angular nose. His frost-white hair is long and thick, and is worn loose. He has deeply tanned skin and a rough yet regal muscular body with a powerful build.
He is middle-aged for a Human.
He is tall for a Human.

He is wearing a pair of thin-framed platinum spectacles with ruby-colored lenses, a tower-shaped ruby medallion hung from a deep purple spidersilk cord, a fragile black diamond rose, a brushed silver locket, an elegant black gentleman's greatcloak, a yellow-tufted boobrie charm, a gold Court insignia, a pilgrim's badge, an exquisite nightsilk duffel, an exquisite nightsilk bundle, a tower shield inset with a jet scorpion, a shadow-black nightsilk dress shirt with carved ruby buttons and onyx cuff links, a tailored nightsilk vest fastened up the front with four polished black opal buttons, a finely-crafted suit of apostle's armor engraved with the seal of Urrem'tier, a darkened platemail armband accented with swirls of ithridu, a charm bracelet, a blackened steel bracer etched with the insignia of the Ilithi Night Watch, a polished platinum promise ring bearing a dazzling shield-cut ruby, a leather battle belt with a black steel buckle bearing the Paladin Guild crest, a crystal skull, a sturdy iron-studded black leather spellbook case, some finely fitted nightsilk pants and a pair of vulture-winged black boots adorned with glistening ruby threads.


He was a former leader of the Phoenix Order. He was Commander of the Ilithi Night Watch Unit. He is the current Court Advisor to Ferdahl Aemmin. He is a follower of Urrem'tier.

A fair-minded person with a quick wit, he holds both himself and those who he works with to high standards of behavior. He is often willing to forgive those with bad reputations their pasts, providing they are willing to change. He has been courting Lady Sonjaa, a well-loved, battle-oriented, highly skilled, Empath with impeccable etiquette and a gracious manner for many years. He is usually willing to listen to most people if they request such. He has fought in many wars over the years. He has run various training exercises, improvs, and the Rose of each Province and Elanthia pageant, as well as the a multitude of devotional and organized undead slaying events over the years.