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Human mage previously implicated in controversies involving the Children of Kalestraum, the assassination of Outcast Queen Macja, Ferdahl Aemmin's parlay with the dragon Ael'tharaxus, and the necromancers' involvement in the final battle against Lyras.


You see Traim Ruin, Suzerain of Night, a Human.
He has gold eyes. His black hair is shoulder length and thick, and is worn in a simple, pulled-back style held in place by a pair of crossed tomiek daggers. He has tanned skin and a wiry build.
He is very tall for a Human.
He has a tattoo of two lines, one icy blue and one vivid red, creating a complex serpentine pattern covering his entire left forearm. The colors bleed together as the lines cross and intersect, converging into a complex lurid purple knot on his left palm.

He is wearing a heavy darkstone and ebony torque capped with obsidian claws, a tattered nightsilk shroud, a shadowy tenebraeling with shiny eyes, a deep crimson steelsilk kimono with ritualized dueling sleeves, a ceremonial shadowbark shield burned with a ring of overlapping runes, some nail-studded rope handwraps, a ceremonial scourge with a diamond-hide grip and some split-toed black cloth boots.

Notable Events

-Recruited into the Flying Company upon its creation by Mazrian Daemondred.

-Appointed as Commander of an Ilithi Militia he named Obsidian Watch during time of turmoil with Dragon Priests, Necromancers, Inquisition, and Therengia. Dismissed/disbanded under unknown circumstances.

-Organized one of the Moon Mage Conclaves of 412 with Malzard, Mistanna, Sebrahn, Kraggur, Atazai, Skaen, Eyuve, Miskton, and many other fellow mages dedicated to the survival of the guild. Led an experimental group prediction heightened with mixed mana patterns that led to disastrous results and the only known appearance of a shadowy umbral colossus.

-Organized Ilithics/Elanthics 2/Provincial Games 405 with members of the Obsidian Watch.

Exemplar Areas of Research

-Pethian philosophy, Sithsia history and lore, lost artificing knowledge, naming rituals, extraplanar creature lore, mechanical innovation in the weapon industry, location of lost Emalerje grazhir shard, tyura circle experimentation.

Notes of Interest

-Pathological gambler, considers himself failed student of Tiv, suffered severe mental break shortly after Moon Mage Conclave of 412 and disappeared, presumed dead by most that knew him, until his unexpected re-appearance in 429.

-His informal title, "Suzerain of Night," was first coined in gerenshuge by Shard citizens sarcastically remarking upon the appointment of a human "shadow mage" as Ferdahl Aemmin's commander. Over time, the nickname proved prophetic and stuck.

Early Life

-Hara'jaal dock rat that began his life as a thief in Ratha after escaping Var'quel. A poorly thought-out attempt at robbing the Fortune's Path "hall" on Taisgath led him to the moon mage guild leader Lomtaun. Lomtaun banished him to Tiv's custody after Ratha experienced a viral spread of a tokka card gambling game that implicated numerous minor members of the Great Houses in a variety of compromising positions.