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Some people think that they are being in-character if they use a euphemism to discuss an OOC concept in-game. (For example, someone who wants to complain about severe lag may speak of a "thick fog.") However, the use of such euphemisms is still OOC. Many players object to this behavior, especially when these euphemisms are used on the gweth channels.

Here is a list of commonly used euphemisms and what they mean.

Web Sites and Services

Term Meaning
feline in Haven Smelly Cat forum
pigeon, bird 1. AIM account (obsolete); 2. instant message 3. Discord #
birdkeeper someone who has an AIM account (obsolete) someone who has a Discord #
scroll(s) Web site or forum
town message board Play.net
New World Test instance

Game Mechanics

Term Meaning
lessons, seasons ranks*
training cycles TDPs*
gods, higher powers, powers that be, timeless, great mages, higher-ups Simutronics or GameMasters (GMs)
journals logs
outlook on the world PvP stance (for example, "He has a guarded outlook on the world.")

*Discussions of ranks and TDPs are OOC, because characters are not aware of the numerical nature of their attributes and abilities.

Connection Quality and Attentiveness

Term Meaning
awake/asleep 1. whether the character is logged in; 2. whether the player is AFK
fog lag
in one's thoughts/head AFK (usually for a brief period of time)
lifeline, portal connection to DragonRealms
sleep/nap an extended break from DragonRealms (e.g., "wow..the world sure has changed during my sleep")
sleepwalker*, zombie AFK scripter
wake [person] to log into an alternate character

*An argument can be made that from the character's perspective, it is logical to be confused by a person who is doing something that would seem to indicate awareness and yet who is completely unresponsive to his environment.

Player Characters

Term Meaning
another body alternate character (often on the same account)
brother/sister* alternate character
mule an alternate character that is primarily used to support another character played by the same person. Common uses of mules include extra vault storage space, healing, raising, and Moongate transportation.
new soul a character that is now played by a different person
old soul a person who has played before and has experience with the game, but is returning on a new character. Also may refer to a previous owner of a character that is now played by another person.
past life 1. a character that has been rerolled; 2. one's former character
soul player/account (usually used to discuss alternate characters; for example, "one soul, different bodies")

*The use of brother/sister (or any other relative) may or may not be OOC, depending on how it is used. Some players legitimately role-play their characters as a family. On the other hand, if someone uses the term "brother" solely to convey that two characters are played by the same person, it's OOC.


Term Meaning
Eastern clock, Elven time,
bells/strikes on the Eastern/Elven tower, bells from the east
Eastern Time
Eastern lands the real world
old calendar Earth time
winter celebration* Christmas (especially when it is not winter in Elanthia)

*Unfortunately, Simutronics has muddied the waters by having thinly veiled versions of real-life holidays, such as Chris's Mass.