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Ariya Mor'Laer
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Bard
Instance Prime


You see Articulate Aria Ariya (Rose)Mor'Laer, Thorn of the Rose of Elanthia, an Elf.
She has a generous mouth, pointed ears, sparkling jade eyes, a button nose and dimples. Her golden-streaked red hair is very long and thick, and is worn in a tangled mass with a black silk rose dusted with diamond shards stuck in apparently at random amidst the coils of hair. She has rosy skin and a plump figure. She is tiny for an Elf.
She appears to be young.
Her shoulder has a tattoo of a vividly inked rose blooming fully. Verdant vines climb across her collar bones and twine chaotically down her arms in a maze of briars and blossoms. The tiny thorns appear to pierce flesh, suspending ruby droplets that contrast dramatically against the alabaster flowers. A few white petals tinged with red tenuously cling to the vines encircling each wrist. You are in good shape.

She is wearing a diamond shrew earring, a heart-shaped golden locket, a clockwork spider, a slender gold-colored centipede with narrow ruby-red stripes, an anloral shrew pin, a series of delicate kunzite roses with jade stems, a large case adorned with sparkling crystal beads and fluttering gauzy ribbons, a dramatic black corset trimmed with an array of multihued silk, a carved onyx armband adorned with rubies and gold, a gold armband inlaid with a cambrinth shrew, a silver bracelet, a carved pick, a set of burnished gold claws, an albredine crystal ring, a red gold belly dancer's hip-chain draped with midnight ruby studded medallions, a golden latticework girdle carefully crafted to resemble twining rose vines, a rainbow-colored skirt, a multicolored garter made from twisted scraps of vibrantly colored silk, a gold anklet inlaid with a cambrinth shrew and a pair of sleek black suede knee boots laced with colorful ribbons.


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