Order of the Theren Guard

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Order of the Theren Guard
This is an Official Order
Sanctioned Province: Therengia
City Base: Therenborough
Active Members: 17
Website: http://www.therenguard.org
Twitter: @TherenGuard
Speaker: Gorteous
Vice Speaker: Karthor
Treasurer: Gneme
Council Members





~~ Order of the Theren Guard ~~

Sanctioning Province: Therengia

The Order of the Theren Guard provides and promotes fellowship amongst members and citizens, defends the province of Therengia in times of need, teaches Therengian history and aids in assistance of the citizens.

The Order holds weekly events for members and guests in an effort to improve and heighten morale, increase involvement both in the community and the Order, and to promote fellowship with one another.

Sponsorship Required: Yes
Minimum Circle Requirement to Join: None
Guilds Welcome: All with exception to those who follow the path of the Knife.
Races Welcome: All

Speaker of the Order: Gorteous Rezerk
Vice Speaker: Karthor Ashanfel
Treasurer: Gneme
Council: Aysta, Emeshest, Felicini, Grymmlen, Merilwen, Rairken, Szarevar,


You can read the Order of the Theren Guard's charter here.


You can speak to a member and they can help you with the application process or you can go here.


A long time ago, Lord Torsten ruled House Hedeon. A lord of lesser nobility, he ruled his house with a cruel hand and an iron fist. He had one son and heir, Valkrin. As time passed Torsten began to worry that his only son was not following the path that he wished him to travel. In Torsten's eyes Valkrin was weak and much too friendly with the common class. Torsten, having no wife for many years decided it was time to change his son's path to one more suiting to his station. He had Valkrin taken from the public he loved and began strong teachings in hopes of making his son more like him.

Torsten acted too late, for Valkrin had fallen in love with a commoner. Lilea was her name, an Elothean of a House in the southern lands. With the help of his cousin, the Lady Galya, Valkrin escaped his would be prison and asked for Lilea's hand in marriage. The guard was sent to retrieve the rogue son of the Lord of Hedeon. Valkrin was retaken by his father but not before securing Lilea's safety with her friends. Lord Torsten demanded to know the name of the woman that had bewitched his son and turned Valkrin against his father. Valkrin would not surrender her name and claimed he would have her as his wife. Torsten flared and had his guard take Valkrin under house arrest.

As Valkrin lay isolated from his friends and his newfound love, he had decided that the only way his father could not stop him from marrying the woman he loved would be to denounce his inheritance. He decided then and there he would do just that. Meanwhile, Torsten had signed an agreement with another lesser noble and an arranged marriage was made between his son and the other noble's daughter. They were to marry within the week. Upon learning of what his father had done Valkrin became enraged, knowing full well this was not something he could fight outright. He denounced his claim to Hedeon and demanded he be set free. Torsten laughed at his claim and told the empaths to give Valkrin something for his mind as he was in a state of shock, and nothing more, and the plans for the wedding proceeded. Valkrin's cousin, the Lady Galya, found out about Valkrin's plight. Knowing what it was to be promised to someone you could never love, she called for help from the people of the town and they moved in and rescued Valkrin from his holding. After the effects of the drugs wore off they escaped to the islands.

Time passed and after securing the blessing of Galya's own father, Lord Marlin of Hedeon, Eldest brother and true Lord of Hedeon. They returned to confront Lord Torsten as to his claim on the House and on the young lordling's heart. However, upon arriving they discovered that Lord Torsten had looted the House funds, destroyed the family manor, took whoever would follow him and his guard and left Theren into hiding. Patrols were dispatched to find him, but no trace was ever found. Lord Marlin surrendered, what was left of the House, to Lord Valkrin and gave his blessing for his union to Lilea.

Valkrin decided that the first thing he must do is to rebuild the House. He sent out pages far and wide that all those with good heart should come and rally to the cause of protection of Therengia, the Barony and the House Hedeon. Many came, some were turned away, some were taken in and the new guard was formed. They became known to all as The Theren Guard.

Valkrin and Lilea were married and after time had a daughter, Hanah. Hanah was Valkrin's heir, but she has since moved from Therenborough to continue her life and her own guard in the Province of Ilithi with the blessing of her father. Since that day Valkrin has chosen an Heir Designate to compensate for the departure of his only child.


Badge: an antiqued filigree clasp overlaid with a crimson shield bearing the embossed gold image of a rearing silvery gryphon

A regal gryphon sergeant, upon a crimson field, holds a white rose in one talon and clenches a gold and crimson streamer in the other. Meticulously etched across the streamer is a flowing inscription.
A filigree clasp reads: "Justice not Law, Deeds not Words."

Official Description: The Guard's crest shows a rearing golden gryphon holding a white rose in one talon, and clenching a gold and crimson streamer in the other, on a crimson background. The Guard chose the Gryphon to represent our founder, Valkrin. The rose represents our honor toward our duties. The streamer represents each of our members as they strive to overcome the struggles, as represented by the crimson background, faced by the Guard.

Motto: "Justice not Law, Deeds not Words."

Blazon: Gules, a gryphon sergeant holding a rose argent. Motto: Justice not Law, Deeds not Words.

Order House: Order House Grand Opening 38 Arhat 411 AV -- February 1, 2014.

Elanthics: Organized and hosted the first Elanthics Games in the month of Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe 401 AV.