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Scholarship is used to more effectively teach and learn from being taught. It is also used to determine how much information you can obtain from the Recall command. It may also have some other benefits especially for Moon Mages and Bards.

The following guilds have circle requirements in scholarship:

Spells and abilities that boost Scholarship

Spells and abilities that decrease Scholarship



Teaching is the art of conveying concepts and ideas to others in such way as to improve the students' ability in the subject being taught.

Class size

Student size is now as many as will listen in to the class. Scholarship ranks will impact how well one teaches, but virtually anyone can teach any class regardless of skill in the topic or scholarship skill.

Factors That Affect Experience Gained From Classes

  • Scholarship ranks
  • charisma: the bonus is linear
  • intelligence: the bonus is linear
  • wisdom: plays a small role; the bonus is linear
  • whether the teacher and student belong to the same guild
  • whether the teacher and student are of the same race
  • The Bard spell Faenella's Grace boosts scholarship and reduces the time between teaching pulses.
  • For purposes of experience earned for teaching a class, only one F2P character in the class will count regardless of the number of F2P characters in the class.

Room-based bonuses to teaching were removed on 4/4/2015.[1]

"They were extremely inconsistent and poorly implemented anyhow, so I doubt this will have any practical ramifications, but I'm including it for the sake of transparency. (It gave bonuses based off key words in the name of rooms for example...)" --GM Raesh (4/4/2015)

Teaching Supernatural Skills

Skill Who Can Teach Who Can Learn
Arcana everyone everyone
Augmentation all except Commoners all except Commoners*
Debilitation all except Commoners all except Commoners*
Utility all except Barbarians and Commoners all except Barbarians and Commoners*
Warding all except Commoners and Thieves all except Commoners and Thieves*
Attunement magic users magic users
Holy Magic Clerics, Paladins magic users**
Life Magic Empaths, Rangers magic users**
Elemental Magic Warrior Mages, Bards magic users**
Lunar Magic Moon Mages, Traders magic users**
Arcane Magic Necromancers magic users**
Sorcery magic users magic users
Targeted Magic magic users magic users
Astrology Moon Mages Moon Mages
Empathy Empaths Empaths
Inner Fire Barbarians Barbarians
Inner Magic Thieves Thieves
Summoning Warrior Mages Warrior Mages
Theurgy Clerics Clerics
Thanatology N/A (Cannot be taught.) -

*Magic users can teach each other at normal efficiency, as can Barbarians teaching Barbarians and Thieves teaching Thieves. Between magic users and non-magic users, the class is least efficient. Classes between Barbarians and Thieves are at the mid-point.
**When teaching primary magic, if the teacher and student are attuned to different frequencies of mana, the student will learn sorcery instead of primary magic. This does not trigger justice like an actual Sorcery class does.

Teaching in Combat

As of 4/4/2015, all guilds can teach only the following skills in combat[2]:

While teaching during combat only, "the rate of learning will depend on the lore skill set placement of the teacher."[3]

It is by design that Bards can no longer teach any skill in combat.

"I was asked to even out the teaching perk to all lore primaries instead of benefiting just Bards." --GM Raesh (4/4/2015)
"Learning even more skills while in combat is the reverse of what we want to be encouraging." --GM Raesh (4/4/2015)


The teacher must be visible in order to teach all but the following skills:

Teaching and the Justice Mechanics

While in a justice zone:

Training Scholarship

The following activities teach scholarship:

  • teaching a class of any subject
  • listening to any class
  • Teaching a class on scholarship is now wasteful, since any student can convert any ongoing class to his own personal scholarship class by using LISTEN TO [PLAYER] OBSERVE
  • It is not necessary that one actually harvest a sigil; the PERCEIVE SIGIL command can teach scholarship twice in a given room, once each for the primary and secondary sigil when they are found.


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