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The Backstab skill is a Thief-only skill used to attack an opponent from hiding at melee.

Spells and abilities that boost Backstab

Spells and abilities that decrease Backstab




  • Backstab success is based on attacker's backstab skill versus target's Perception skill. The higher the Perception of a creature the more difficult it is to backstab and the more experience will be gained for success.


  • Backstab skill is also learned when merely Ambushing a creature rather than backstabbing it (only when ambushing a specific body part). This is useful when fighting on quadrupedal or other non-backstabable creatures.
  • The Thief may choose a specific body area to hit. The difficulty of the spot determines how well the hit lands and how much is learned. The body targets from easiest to hardest is as follows:
    • Leg (left/right)
    • Back
    • Abdomen
    • Chest
    • Arms (left/right)
    • Hands (left/right)
    • Neck
    • Head
    • Eye (left/right).
  • Backstab is also factored in some guild-taught Ambush techniques.




"I began with louts outside the east gate of Crossing, then moved on to goblins. Quickly got up to 40 doing this." "Goblins stopped teaching at 60." - A prydaen teef.

Ambush clout is the best way to train backstab. Does not damage the enemy, quick roundtime and reusable over and over again.

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