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Astrology lets the Moon Mage study the heavenly bodies for insight into the future. For some this is a calculation of space, time, and probablity, for others it takes on a more spirital and ritual nature. The results are the same. Through careful observation predictions can be made on people's abilities either to their benefit or detriment. There are several different tools available for the aspiring astrologer, or the use of the mage's mind alone. Nearly 70 heavenly bodies are able to be studied as you increase your standing within the guild.

Eventually the mage even gains the ability to broadly study the heavens and gain insight into what events may happen in the future.

Using careful observation and study, Moon Mages can also predict the weather, with increasing accuracy and insight into the future as they age.

For further study, read the novel written by Fateweaver Caelumia Y'laeth: A Beginner's Guide to Astrology

Spells and abilities that boost Astrology

Spells and abilities that decrease Astrology


How to Practice Astrology

See Training Astrology.

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