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Sigil harvesting is the process of collecting primary and secondary sigil scrolls for use in the Enchanting system.

Sigil harvesting is a room based system like the other harvesting mechanics. Unlike other systems however, each sigil "harvest" is associated with the character, not the room itself. This means that 2 (or more) people can scribe a scroll from the same room at the same time. The cooldown timer for that room is then tied to the character, and sigils can continue to be scribed by additional characters.

Each room will contain a primary and secondary sigil determined by its mana concentration, urban level and season. There is no innate randomness to the system, and PERCEIVE SIGIL DISTORT will allow you some control (particularly if you are a Ranger and don’t wish to go into town).

Unlike traditional materials, Sigils do not have a rarity. Instead, they have a clarity (quality) and precision (hardness) that determine how well an enchantment turns out. PERCEIVE SIGIL IMPROVE allows you to play a small minigame in hopes of improving a sigil’s stats prior to scribing it. Though for some this may prove too cumbersome, so you’ll still occasionally crit high quality/precise sigils just out of nowhere. And sigils allow you to scribe them multiple times to keep the grind down a bit. Finally, sigil books let you store and filter your sigils to keep inventory counts manageable.

Technique bonuses and the PERCEIVE SIGIL BONUS and DANGER commands are currently turned off to capture some base statistics, but will be turned on sometime after the wide release of the system.

Arcana, Outdoorsmanship & Scholarship are learned when perceiving for and scribing sigils. Each room has a short timer on it between sigil collection availability.


  • burin - used for scribing a sigil onto a scroll or item
    • While these can be crafted by Engineers they must be Enchanted before they can be used for harvesting.
  • blank scrolls - used to hold a sigil
  • (optional) sigil book - used to hold sigil-scrolls and reduce item count


It is helpful to purchase an Artificing book and read the 1st page of the 1st chapter to familiarize yourself with the process.

Begin by doing a PERCEIVE SIGIL in the room you want to check. If the area has a possible sigil, you will receive a message that you are beginning your search. Once that roundtime is done, continue to PERCEIVE SIGIL until you receive a message of success for your primary sigil.

Once you have found your 1st sigil, hold a burin and a blank scroll, and SCRIBE SIGIL to collect it. Additionally, you can continue to PERCEIVE SIGIL until you see a 2nd success message for a secondary sigil and SCRIBE SIGIL to collect it.

  • note: During testing, danger events have been turned off for collection, however on or after wide release, the secondary sigils will have an increased difficulty and danger factor.

After identifying a sigil, you can PERC SIGIL INFO to see the statistics on the sigil you've found. An example of this output is:

  • You have perceived a flawless (96) permutation sigil comprised of broad strokes (8) in the area. You are unable to perceive any opportunities for improving the sigil.

After identifying either the primary or secondary sigil, you can PERCEIVE SIGIL IMPROVE to attempt to improve the quality of the sigil or scribe multiple copies of the sigil. If you SCRIBE or IMPROVE after the 1st sigil identification, you will not be able to PERCEIVE for a secondary sigil. You will receive a summary of the current sigil you have identified, an overview of your current mental health and a series of randomized commands you can use to improve the quality. An example of this output is:

You have perceived a flawless (98) nurture sigil comprised of broad strokes (9) in the area.  
Patiently, you continue to observe the environment to draw out more precise traits.  Your perceptions reveal several interesting opportunities, including...

...a difficult, sanity destroying TECHNIQUE for recovering your focus
...a straightforward, sanity destroying PROCESS to elevate the sigil precision.
...a challenging, focus disrupting EFFORT for enhancing the sigil quality.
...a trivial, sanity destroying APPROACH to elevate the sigil quality.
...a challenging, resolve taxing METHOD for improving the sigil precision.
...a formidable, focus disrupting RITUAL for enhancing the sigil precision.
...a challenging, sanity destroying TASK for recovering your resolve.
...a means to DISTORT the sigil's foundation.

You also take the opportunity to take stock of your mental health.

Danger:  --------------------
Sanity:  ***************-----
Resolve: ***************-----
Focus:   ***************-----

Once you have begun improving your sigil, you can complete as many commands as you'd like so long as you have enough Sanity, Resolve & Focus. You can PERCEIVE SIGIL IMPROVE repeatedly to refresh the possible list of commands and actions that will happen. Each command will increase the Danger level however, and on a failure, you can lose the sigil entirely with no option for scribing. Your mental health stats are localized to each sigil gathering event and will re-set each time you attempt to IMPROVE a new sigil.

PERCEIVE SIGIL DISTORT will allow you to change the type of sigil completely, and the new type.

Sigil Improve Costs

Trivial - (Cost ~1-2) (Reward ~ )

Straightforward - (~2-3) (Reward ~3-6 )

Formidable - (~4-5) (Reward ~4-9 )

Difficult - (~6-8) (Reward ~12-15 )

Challenging - (~5-9+) (Reward ~6- 14)

Sigil Quality

Gathered sigils will have 2 material statistics, clarity (quality) and precision (hardness).

The clarity is similar to other material qualities, where the closer to 100 the sigil is, the better the sigil. There are specific terms associated in the end result of the sigil associated with the numeric quality of the sigil.

  • note: The below table needs values confirmed as more data is gathered from the system
Numeric Amount Sigil Descriptor Notes
100 ? possibly quest/auction quality only?
99 immaculate
89-98 flawless
79-88 exquisite
69-78 intricate
59-68 detailed
49-58 distinct
39-48 clear
29-38 simple
19-28 rough
9-18 crude
1-8 blurry

The precision of a sigil will determine how difficult the sigil is to work with on an Enchanting project.

  • note: The below table needs values confirmed as more data is gathered from the system
Numeric Amount Sigil Descriptor Notes
1-29 broad strokes
30-44 thick strands
45-59 many fibers
60-74 thin lines
75-89 fine lines
90-99 delicate detail

Sigil Types



Guild (planned)

  • A failed sigil scribe, such as doing a SCRIBE SIGIL before you have PERCIEVED one, will result in an any sigil.
  • Example: a blurry any sigil-scroll comprised of broad strokes
  • Additional information about sigils can be found on the Sigil scroll page.
  • A table-formatted list with the crafting properties of each type can be found on the Crafting Materials page.


The sigils can be found in various places across the realms determined by the room's mana concentration, urban level (city or rural) and season. Preliminary results suggest that the same pair of sigils, per room, in the Spring and Autumn are the same. Summer has a different pair per-room. Winter to be determined.

The following list may be helpful in determining the general locations to look for your desired sigil. Specific locations can be found on each individual sigil page.

Sigil Name Locations Found In Season Notes
abolition city spring, summer, winter
antipode city winter
ascension city, rural spring, summer
clarification city, rural spring, summer
congruence city, rural spring, summer, fall, winter
decay city spring, fall
evolution city, rural spring
induction city, rural spring, summer, fall, winter
integration city, rural spring, summer
metamorphosis city, rural spring, summer, winter
nurture city, rural spring, summer, winter
paradox city spring, summer, winter
permutation city spring, summer, fall
rarefaction city, rural spring, summer, fall, winter
unity city, rural spring, summer


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  • If you try to improve a sigil with ACTION there is a good chance nothing will happen but the danger level will rise.

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