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Scouting is a Survival skill used to track creatures, players or to enter the Ranger Trail System. The scouting skill is available exclusively to Rangers.

Spells and abilities that boost Scouting

Spells and abilities that decrease Scouting



Scouting is primarily trained via the SCOUT command.

scout area
scout cover my tracks
scout cover <player's> tracks
scout cover my trail <direction>
scout marker
scout read learn
scout read teach
scout trailmarker
scout awareness <player>

The Scouting skill will determine the difficulty of trailmarker you are able to read. As skill progresses more difficult trails will become available and the roundtime for scouting a trailmarker will decrease. The amount of people you can lead down a trail will also increase with skill.

Scouting may also be trained via the TRACK or HUNT commands.

Scouting awareness works on players, creatures you hunt, and on NPC's.

Training strategy

Training scouting at low levels of skill is most easily done by mixing in HUNT with your normal hunting routine. In addition to training scouting very well, it also trains perception skill. It will also teach Stealth skill if hidden when following through with a hunt to a specific creature and successfully remaining hidden, although this is less practical to do in a normal combat situation.

Once you have enough ranks to scout trailmarkers training becomes significantly easier. Simply find two linking trailmarkers and run between the two.

Training Scouting will teach a small amount of perception. It is possible to lock scouting and perception at the same time if the trail is of sufficient difficulty.

Scouting milestones

Scout Awareness - 16 Scouting

Scout Area - 101 Scouting

Scout area reveals non-cardinal exits in a wilderness room. It will also reveal cardinal exits in room where these exits are shrouded. Examples include a room with Rising Mists in effect and The Hand area.

Personal Trail Markers - 175 Scouting

Scout Cover my Trail - 200 Scouting

Sneak down trails - 225 Hiding + 225 Stalking


  • In previous years the Scouting skill was teachable to non-Rangers, but this is no longer the case.
  • Provides the only method for accessing the Ranger Caches.
  • See also Ranger Trail System

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