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Re: Aethereal / Aetheric · on 03/06/2012 07:36 PM CST 1725
>>Out of curiosity, is Aether in DR land the equivalent of what Aether in RL was thought to be? Is it the 'all effusive stuff of the universe', that we bend and utilize?

No, not the same thing, but conceptually in the same neigbhorhood. It's the element that composes the "substructure" of the Plane of Abiding, where its physicality abuts the Planar Void. More prominently, it's also the physical layer where mana "sits," so the Aetheral Pathways and Aether Manipulation book provide the majority of the WM metamagic.

>>And by delegating the pathways into various books like that, do you think we run the risk of having people specialize simply to use pathways of choice?

Possibly, but both posters ahead of me have made the relevant points. Aligning toward a favorite pathway is a perfectly a-okay thing to do... but if it comes at the cost of aligning toward a favorite spellbook (and thus free charge) it might actually not be the most beneficial way to get your end.

The point I want to reach is where elemental alignment is a nebulous give-and-take choice, and in theory I think we have it. Tweaking will surely be necessary, though.


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