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The planes, which were created through the actions of the one and his wife, the void, and are infinite in number. Each plane was separate and complete unto itself and each was separated from the others by the Planar Void. Each plane has unique laws of existence and reality that define it's very nature[1][2]. For example, some planes eschew such notions as time and space, or do not have the laws necessary for the formation of psychic patterns and thought, or which have, from our perspective, non-sequitor laws (such as shadows having mass, or souls being liquid)[3].The geometry of the planes defies attempts to properly describe it in terms of three-dimensional space. However, for purposes of illustration, we can regard the planes as bubbles of independent reality floating within a fluid planar void. Each bubble, or plane, encompasses its own physical laws and nominally has no interaction with any other bubble[4].

The Planar Void

The Planar Void is a wall and boundary that can be defined as the absence of existence which serves as a wall and boundary between the infinite planes[5].There is, however, some transfusion between the planes. They resonate with each other, and objects and energy (ie mana) are capable of passing between them through certain points; a certain degree of "seepage" occurs in regions where contact between neighbouring planes is particularly close. In some cases the planes can overlap, creating regions with bizarre and unfathomable laws[6]. When areas of less severe contact occur, each plane's nature is able to influence the other. Physical laws are inevitably the first thing to cross the planar void, followed by mana, psychic energy and spiritual energy and, only in severe cases, raw matter. The best known example can be found in the strata beneath Taisgath, where millennia of interference from the Plane of Probability has drastically altered what it means to be a shadow[7].

Several such instances have occurred in recent memory on the Plane of Abiding. The first occurred when the demon Maelshyve breached the Planar Void to claim Zaulfung as her own. More recently the necromancer Lyras breached the planar void in an attempt to channel the demon known as The Hunger and ultimately created a large breach that lead to the corruption of the Plane of Abiding and Mana Storms that resulted in permanent changes to the law of magic [8][9]. The longer such influence lasts and the more power is used in its creation, the hazier the distinction between the planes becomes. This leads to a doomsday scenario, where the void between two planes is completely removed. The laws of both planes mix and merge in unimaginable ways and a new, bastard plane is created from the two original planes. The original inhabitants of either plane would not be able to survive this apocalyptic act of creation, let alone find the new plane habitable.[10][11]. Particularly troubling is the very real possibility that as Clerics, Moon Mages, and Warrior Mages draw down planar influences that undermine physics and "pollute" the plane with foreign influences the Planar Void is slowly and steadily becomes less and less relevant, making such a scenario more likely to occur over time.[12].

The Known Planes


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