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The Thing Behind Lyras (Pt. 2) · on 6/27/2009 6:42:07 PM 45
In the weeks since Prince Vorclaf's death at the hands of Lyras, a great deal of concern has been growing in the halls of power. However, with all due respect to the Principiality of Zoluren, the wisest among those concerns have nothing to do with the mere loss of a feudral lord. Far more important is how he managed to get himself killed. Lyras's coup de grace was not merely a combat spell, but the creation of an extremely powerful planar conduit. In addition to mana, the spell was apparently powered by the heart's blood of the caster -- an effective limiter on how freely it can be used, until a lich gets involved.

The conduit Lyras created was exceptionally "large," cosmologically speaking, intended to transfer something "massive" through. Whatever her intention was, a vast amount of extraplanar "material" escaped through it in the short time it was active. It is important for laymen to remember that we are not discussing physical material, like a rock from another plane (most planes don't have rocks), but rather the metaphysical substance of natural law. What passed through Lyras's conduit was not a demon in any physical sense, but a corruption of what it means to exist in the Plane of Abiding. Many people claim they felt a small but perceptible change in the way the ground felt and a new thinness in the air when Lyras completed her summoning. These effects were not in the witnesses' imagination, and we have no reason to believe they will return to normal.

The most disturbing ripples from the conduit are happening to the mana streams. While most conventional spells are robust enough to weather the currently mild corruptive effect, some advanced and experimental patterns have broken down, as they relied on fine manipulations that no longer exist in our plane. Arcane and cross-discipline spellcasting (excluding the analogous patterns), never a safe operation to begin with, has grown drastically more volatile.

Worse still, the changes haven't stopped. As the extraplanar corruption seeps deeper into the fabric of our plane, the mana streams have acted further and further outside our expectations. If this effect does not plateau in the near future, it will become observable to even the dullest magician. If it does not plateau at all, magic as we know it may cease to exist: a discipline as old as mankind rendered an elaborate fiction because the rules of nature have changed under our feet.

While there is nothing we can do about the immediate problem, there is a simple and vital step we must take in order to mitigate further damage: hunt down the Necromancers. Faced with this threat, there can be no doubt in our minds or faux-moralizing. What Lyras has done cannot be allowed to be repeated and anyone who possesses her unclean magic is a threat to everyone. Even the man-children among the Tezirites and Blackfire enthusiasts must take stock and decide whether they prefer the whiff of the forbidden or breathing.

-Researcher Fredrick Modah


This message was originally posted in Events and Happenings in DragonRealms' Elanthia \ Teasers - Events, by DR-ARMIFER on the forums.

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