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The Starry Road, Spiritual Plane is said to be a place where a mortal may be in more intimate contact with the gods. This happens most frequently when clerics attempt to Commune with the gods. Elanthians are commonly familiar with it from the telltale meteors streaking over the skies when a mortal soul dies lacking the favor of the gods' and, barring outside intervention their soul is lost forever[1][2]. When a soul dies and passes into this plane there are several possible fates: resurrection, reincarnation, Purification in the Void, Destruction in the Red Spiral or promotion to a minor divine being for service to one of the immortals

Cosmology of the Spiritual Plane

The Spiritual Plane is separated from the Plane of Abiding by a mythical barrier known as Death's Veil. The relationship between this barrier and the Planar Void is unclear and the two may be one and the same. This barrier is not completely effective, however, and spiritual energy often seeps across the Planar Void to the Plane of Abiding. Clerics are able breach the Planar Void and travel the Spiritual Plane in certain circumstances. For reasons that are not entirely clear, Zaulfung is frequently involved in such events and may represent a location where the planes are closest. A second location occurs within the Spiritual Plane a divine construct known as the "Bridge of Life", "Alamhif's bridge" and the Bridge of Lanival" can be found. The Bridge was created by Berengaria and Alamhif to bridge the gap from the cold seas of Death to the shores of Life in order to sustain the power of Resurrection[3].

From the Planar Observatory the Starry Road is seen as a spiral of white light:
An even spiral of silver light pierces the planar void. The distance of the spiral seems to shift before your eyes. Staring at its center, the spiral seems to only go on for two or three loops, but as you draw you eyes towards the edge there is always one more loop to pass. You feel an odd sense of emptiness looking upon the spiral.

Known Regions

The Void

A region distinct from the Planar Void or the Plane of Probability, the Void is the deepest region of the spiritual plane where all conceptions of time, distance and space are meaningless. Souls of the dead come here to the domain of Urrem'tier, where they are purified and return to the source of spiritual energy [4]. Otherwise, entrance into the Void is only possible through a ritual performed with a sacred poison named Urrem'tier's Blood.

Ebon Abyss

A deeper region where the essences of the constellations of Elanthian skies sparkle amidst starry seas and tides of ether.

Eerie Abyss

By unlocking the interplanar gate called Jackal's Spirit with a sacred key called Jackal's Heart, the spirit emerges from its body, soaring free to the lightest region of the plane, guided by the gentle beckoning of Eylhaar. This tranquil region is home to the only extraplanar devotional ritual of the clergy.

Starfire Lake

A benevolent haven of Murrula where Life and Death meld into a singular emotion. Home to great secrets of the divine.

The Red Spiral

"Where the spirits burn in the Void." The spirits of the wicked dead go here to have the impurities and wickedness acquired in life scoured and burned away before apotheosis. Some believe all the souls of the dead go here, but while a "good" person would find the experience liberating, a "bad" person would experience pure agony as their ego is stripped away[5].

Gods and Demons - Denizens of the Spiritual Plane

The Spiritual Plane is populated primarily by Divine life and the best known examples are the Immortals, who have the easiest time breaching the Planar Void and manifesting in the Plane of Abiding essentially at will. Lesser forms of Divine Life exist and are inevitably found in the service of the thirteen Immortals or, potentially, one of the other gods[6]. Such creatures are reportedly created from the souls of exceptional mortals who are awarded eternal life for their service to their god[7].

The demon Maelshyve claims that the Void was originally her domain before Urrem'tier stole it from her and therefore may originate from the Spiritual Plane. Alternately, she may be lying. Likewise fylgjas may also have a presence here.


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