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Re: Thoughts About DO 3.0 & Necro Playability · on 02/11/2012 06:36 PM CST 1135
>>While we're on this topic Armifer, what is the IC reasoning for not being able to SRE after a DO death? If the gods have that much control over what necromancers do, why couldn't they prevent SRE in general? Just curious if you have another explanation beyond just wanting to make DO suck a little more for us.

That goes into the more general question of "If the gods don't like Necromancers why not smite them all?" There's two answers.

The default one is that the Immortals have an effectively infinite amount of power and authority over the Plane of Abiding, but acting has consequences. The Lyras story was big on pointing out that gods and demons can't just breach the Void and do whatever they want without apocalyptic effects. A Necromancer is not worth the Immortals' time before a certain point.

Most Necromancers consider the second part of the picture too esoteric and vague for their concern, when the first answer suffices. The Plane of Abiding is situated at a crossroads between planes; perhaps uniquely, or perhaps merely one joint in a great configuration of planes that exceeds imagination. Different cosmological forces come into the plane from figuratively different angles.

Moon Mages draw down a power that defines the universe through names and meaning. Teleologic Sorcery is the perversion of these concepts.
Warrior Mages draw down a power that defines the universe through shape and function. Hylomorphic Sorcery is the perversion of these concepts.
Clerics draw down a power that defines the universe through laws and structure. Antinomic sorcery is the perversion of these concepts.

Each angle defines both a nature and a limitation. Shadow creatures have no will, they are manifestations of driving passions and concepts that define them at the most basic level. But the Moon Mage example is probably the most well addressed, because they are prolific both at writing and meddling. The gods... create and follow rules, whatever that implies. And then there is Necromancy, the sorcerous perversion seemingly without its cosmology defined ahead of time. Perversion for the sake of perversion?


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