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Re: MANASTORM · on 7/13/2009 1:22:31 AM 5626
>>This was so much fun. Lyras planar-bleed tie in?

Yeah, the first hint was way back during Vorclaf's death, and a much larger one in an IC post in the Events folder a few days later.

Lyras summoned a fragment of "the Hunger," at great personal expense, to counter Vorclaf channeling down Meraud. That bit of extraplanar corruption settled into the world and caused minor adjustments in how the universe worked, culminating with changing some constant in the plane that controlled the disposition of the mana streams.

While impressive, this wasn't meant to be so much awe-inspiring demonic power, as much as that the corruption seeped into the roots of the plane and jarred one equation exactly the wrong way. This set a cascade in motion over weeks that lead us here. The mana streams started buckling yesterday, which overall meant the entire "collapse" took about 5 IG days, including the manastorm that scourged the planet for an entire IG day.

Now things are slowly settling down into the plane's modified configuration. Hopefully nobody pulls a stunt like that again for a long time.


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