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Holy Magic derives from Holy mana, which is produced from the presence of the Immortals in the past, present, and perhaps the future. It is the highest frequency of mana able to be manipulated by mortals. The true origins of holy mana are steeped in mystery, but it is known that the majority of spells fueled by the manipulation of this mana requires something more of the caster than normal. In the case of Clerics this a measure of the caster's devotion to a deity, while in Paladins it is the purity of one's soul.

Per GM Armifer, when perceived Holy mana appears "golden. By default it has almost no substance, like a shadow of a real mana stream. Clerics perceive it getting more "real" as their Devotion increases. Paladins see it as "real" all the time, but its appearance reflects their soul. Diseased blotches appear around the Paladin in proportion to the amount of sin and hubris in his soul. Even with a pristine soul, they never go away entirely."


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