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Province: Zoluren
Currency: Kronar
Population: 250,000
Established: Modern Crossing founded 230 BL; original settlement date uncertain
Alternate Names: River Crossing, Old Crossing, Crossing
Dominant Race: None
Dominant Guild: None
Government: ?
Guild Halls: Bard, Barbarian, Cleric, Empath, Moon Mage, Paladin, Ranger, Thief, Trader, Warrior Mage
Patron Deity: Tamsine



The Crossing is the main hub of trade and government in the province of Zoluren. It's one of the largest cities in Kermoria, and is often considered the cultural heart of the nation. Description: Zoluren's capital city is a bustling center of trade. The renowned Asemath Academy and representatives of each of the adventuring guilds make the Crossing a center of learning, while the largest and most breathtaking Temple of the Thirteen in all the lands makes it a refuge for the spirit.

Government, history, and background

Government type

The Crossing is home to the central government of Zoluren, a principality that is passed down through familial succession to the oldest child (Note: the succession may be primarily via the oldest son, but women have held the throne in the past). The government was founded by Prince Blaeduan Guemos in 230 BL with the division of Imperial land into the current five sovereign states.

The succession was interrupted by the Dragon Priests in 193 BL when most of Zoluren was conquered. The entire Guemos family was executed the following year, and it was Prince Waemirit Denesal who took the throne when the government was restored in 1 AV. The Denesal family was deposed after riots in 82 AV, and Prince Keogath Chelochi took the throne.

Civil war broke out in 196 AV and Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig I managed to wrest control of throne in 198 AV. His reign was relatively short though, as he was deposed and imprisoned in 202 AV by the new Prince Tragweth Alshaerd. The Alshaerds suffered a catastrophe in 277 AV, when their estates were destroyed along with the rest of Darkstone and civil war flared back up the following year. Prince Mysimos Alshaerd was killed in 280 AV and Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig the Second took power, establishing the current line of succession.

Prominent people


Originally known as River Crossing (sometimes Old Crossing), it was a large village at the mouth of the Oxenwaithe River and Segoltha River where it runs into Segoltha Bay and the Reshal Sea. It acted as a regular shipping point for moving goods across the Segoltha River into the southern half of Zoluren, up the river to Ain Ghazal, or to numerous ports on the Reshal Sea.

It gained new life when it was refounded in 230 BL as simply The Crossing, supposedly by Lanival himself. However, it did not really bloom into the central city of Zoluren until 277 AV when the Greater Fist of Heaven erupted, destroying the city of Darkstone. With its destruction, the provincial government of Zoluren became centered solely in The Crossing and the city boomed to its current size and dominance.

Locations about town


Asemath Academy
Aesthene's Close
Crossing High Temple
Jadewater Mansion
Drelstead Prison
The Middens
DiSilveron Manor
Ulf'Hara Keep
Silvermist Estate

Unique shops and services

Barana's Shipyard
Crossing Community Center (Veranda)
The Amusement Pier
Raven's Court
Observatory, Celestial Garden Shop (Celestian Moon Mages only)


View the Shops of The Crossing. They are too numerous to list.

Bars, inns, and taverns

Half Pint Inn
Sand Spit Tavern
Taelbert's Inn
Tenderfoot Inn
Viper's Nest Inn

Prominent hangouts

Crossing triage
The Crossing Town Green Pond
The Crossing Northeast Gate

Important activities


Traditional Favor Orbs can be obtained in the Siergelde Ruins out the West Gate of The Crossing and can be redeemed in The Crossing Temple.

Task givers

Task Giver Location Task Types
An Old Blind Beggar Streets of The Crossing kill critters, delivery, item recovery (critters), skins/pelts, item recovery (area)
a street urchin Town Green Southwest kill critters, delivery, item recovery, item rec (area)
firewood peddler Mags The Crossing bazaar foraging
wandering minstrel Streets of The Crossing delivery, foraging, item rec (area)
Guildmaster Gauthus Warrior Mage Guild delivery
Guildleader Annael Ebeshalek Empath Guild delivery
Guildleader Kalika Ranger Guild delivery
Kalag the Black Zoluren Thief Guild delivery
Guildleader Silvyrfrost Bard Guild delivery
Guildleader Kssarh Moon Mage Guild delivery
Guildleader Agonar Barbarian Guild kill critters, delivery
Guildleader Esuin Cleric Guild delivery
Guildleader Ansprahv Trader Guild delivery
Guildleader Verika Paladin Guild delivery



More than 50 creatures are located in and around The Crossing. Click Here to see the most current list.




The Crossing was originally the starting city for all new adventurers. However, Riverhaven now has a chance of being one's starting city. Those from an estate holding family may choose which city to start in.