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A History of The Jadewater Family, by Pentaith riis'Silvarion Angelson- ta'Illistim


In the age of Ferdahl Queri the Lorethew, a grand family rose up in the House of the Steel Dove. Paladins following the eternal way of honor, the Jadewaters were noble and loyal, and they served the Elothean nation well. This the tale of this family, and its deeds throughout the ages.

The Elven-Human War

Sir Sebastion Jadewater II served as The Protectorate under Ferdahl Pale Cleareye. His greatest desire was to maintain peace for the Elothean nation, and when Ferdahl Vurma decided to disobey her father's advice and enter into the Elven-Human War, Sebastion protested with everything he had. Sebastion had significant weight in military matter as Protectorate, but Vurma was determined. Having lost both children to a Human raid, her sadness grew until the Elotheans' old allies, the Elves, called for aid. When that happened, Vurma saw her chance and joined the war. Sebastion was ordered to lead the armies by her side.

Both Sebastion and his son, Elias, were devastated by the losses to the Elothean side. Ferdahl Vurma was entering into a deep depression, for she both knew no way to save her people, and that their doom was her fault. Sebastian was killed in the Battle at Dragon Mountain, and Elias was raised to Protectorate. After the War, however, Elias grew disgusted with the destruction and violence that had ruined the world, and turned to a life of peace as a historian. The Gilded Room of Jadewater Mansion is devoted to Elias, but I am getting ahead of myself.

The Empire of the Seven-Pointed Star

The Empire was greeted with open arms by the Seven Races for the peace it would bring, and the Jadewaters greeted it no less eagerly. Under Elias, the family had learned the value of preserving knowledge and peace, as well as the honor of the family that dated back to Ferdahl Queri. Sir Elias Jadewater II aided in the raising of the Zaulfung Stones with Farn Emdarrson's group under the command of Empress Merthamone, while Sir Israfel Jadewater served as both a general and Councilor under Emperor Akbar, the Dwarf who moved the capital back to Throne City (An earlier Elven Emperor, Arcadius, made Morganae's Mountain Clan the capital of the Empire for a short time, probably under orders from Morganae herself). The "Golden Age of the Empire" was begun during the rule of Emperor Galerius, a Jadewater, and during this time several universities were built in Throne City.

This time period was good for the world, but as all know, the Empire became corrupt and began to collapse in the time period called the Kin Strife. The Resistance Wars began, Lanival son of Sorril attempting to end the Empire of the Seven-Pointed Star, against the Voice, Teiro, who was trying to hold the Empire together and take control of it for his own power. Ferdahl Corik ordered the Elothean army, at this time under command of Protectorate Sir Llenuar Jadewater I, to war against Lanival. The Elothean people were wrought by a second destruction. Llenuar, who had been opposed to this War, was killed by Arhat in a duel before the legendary Battle of the Segoltha. By sacrificing himself, Llenuar saved the lives of the soldiers under his command. With the defeat of his army, Ferdahl Corik withdrew from the war, but not soon enough to save the Elothean nation from defeat at the hands of the Dragon Priests.

The Rule of the Dragon Priests

The Five Realms of Lanival remained intact for a short time before they were all conquered by the Dragon Priests under Dzree. Ferdahl Corik had lost a great deal of supplies and people during the Resistance Wars, and Shard was left nearly defenseless to the Dragon Priests in the west. They proceeded to take most of the lands. These were dark times, an age where history was lost. The Bardic slaughters meant little knowledge was preserved and passed on during this time period. Eventually, Dzree was defeated, marking the Victory of Lanival. With the Five Realms freed once again, life began to improve.

Jadewater's Legacy and the Mentor Lorethew Society

After the Resistance Wars, the city of the Crossing, was built by Lanival in central Zoluren, and the now very wealthy Jadewater family constructed a large mansion in the northern district.

And now the Lorethew Aldamus Llearyn and his wife, Marlista, have devised a Society called the Mentors. Run by the two Lorethew, the group's goal is to foster knowledge in a world still recovering from war, and to aid the young. The Mentors are devoted to seeing the young survive, and the ignorant learn. The Lorethew Aldamus and Lorethew Marlista chose the best that society had to offer.

Sir Llenuar Jadewater III, still following the tradition of elders such as Elias and Israfel, was impressed and pleased with the idea, and decided to support it. Llenuar, who lives in a city in northern Therengia, donated the Jadewater Mansion and a great deal of coin to the Society, and renovations began immediately. Jadewater Mansion was transformed into an academy, with two libraries, alchemy labs, and several classrooms. A center of learning to rival the Asemath Academy, run by the Mentor Society. This is the legacy of the Jadewaters, that will continue long after even the Crossing falls as Throne City did. Their legacy is knowledge, and the truth that with knowledge can come peace and prosperity.