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House Guemos is a deceased noble family that produced two rulers of Zoluren.

Blaeduan ruled following the beakup of the Seven-Starred Empire. He was succeeded by Aesetani, who was deposed by the Dragon Priest Empire. When the monarchy was restored, Zoluren was led by Waemirit Denesal.


230 BL --The Imperial land is divided into five sovereign states (Zoluren, Therengia, Ilithi, Qi, and Forfedhdar).
--Construction begins on the Crossing.
--Reign of Prince Blaeduan Guemos of Zoluren begins
201 BL --Prince Blaeduan dies
--Reign of Prince Aesetani Guemos of Zoluren begins
193 BL --Prince Aesetani Guemos of Zoluren dies in battle
--The Crossing falls to the Dragon Priests
192 BL --Dzree has the Guemos family executed publically