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Triage in Zoluren, and especially Crossing Triage, has seen its practices change drastically over time. While once handled primarily in crisis situations by the Zoluren Militia, the disbanding of said militia by Brigadier General Zukir in 392 forced procedures and practices to change, shifting away from centralized organization.

Currently, Triage in Crossing is handled by sanctioned groups and other individuals trying to bring a sense of organization into the fold. Each group and individual have their own practices and protocols, although many of these points have started to converge in time.

Current Main Triage locations

Crossing Temple - Triage Hall

The Temple is the ideal location for triage. First, it is a central location within the city, and houses the Resurrection Altar if departing is necessary. The Temple also houses underground tunnels that connect to four of the Guild halls, should quick and covert travel be needed. With the addition of the Temple defenses, the location is difficult to access for invaders (and impossible for many), making this location a prime choice for setting up Triage.

Directions: From the Temple gate, north and go door, then three rooms widdershins from the favor altar. (Map of the Temple Grounds)

Empath Guild - Healerie, White Area

The Healerie is well protected by special guards (no stealing, no hiding, no violence)so there's no need to constantly use powers and abilities that keep the room safe (such as a paladin's Banner of Truce or a Cleric's Meraud Commune). There are also tunnels leading from the Temple to the healerie, in case departing is necessary.

The war against Lyras has proven that the Healerie is not completely safe, but it still holds an important role - that of being the primary empath triage for dealing with communicable diseases. Patients with infections and diseases are indeed encouraged to use a different Triage location if at all possible, rather than spreading the disease to everyone at the main Triage location.

Directions: From the Hospital: go ramp, go door, then east. From the Empath Guild main room: down and go door, then east. (Map of the Empath Guild)

Cleric Guild - Gathering Hall

This is a last-resort triage, listed here there are those who insist use the Cleric's Guild for Triage purposes despite main Triage being organized elsewhere.

Directions: From the entrance of the guild, go arched door, then go building. (Map of the Empath Guild)

Alternate Triage Locations

Although not being currently in use in regular invasions, these locations have been used for Triage in the past at one point or another, and may possibly see some use in the future.

Locations Within Crossing

  • Walls along the Northeast, East and West Gates - Triage Tents

Locations Along the Northern Trade Road

Locations in the Western Clans

Flying Company Practices

At a meeting in April 2009, the Flying Company’s Triage coordinator Szrael went over a few important notes regarding Triage.

  • A coordinated and effective Triage might be the difference between success and failure.
  • Even if you cannot heal, raise or ward; you can still be an important part of the Triage effort. Bards are useful for singing enchantes and anyone can drag corpses.
  • Personal preparedness: Know where the triage locations are, vault anything you aren’t prepared to lose, and get many favors from your God or Goddess.
  • Community preparedness: Stockpile herbs at the Triage cabinet in the Temple or the collection tent just inside the temple gates. Stockpile spare armor, shields and blessed weapons in the Cleric’s Guild donation chest or the collection tent.

White Rose Practices

Triage practices

Everyone who can should be encouraged to depart with a ward. This way, Empaths can concentrate their efforts on those who are still living, and clerics can concentrate on rejuving and blessing, PFE'ing, etc... instead of raising. In the event that wards are not available (or are undesirable -- triage in a place that would require running through hordes of undead, for instance...)

Empaths and Clerics should be in separate rooms. The living who need healing, and the dead who will eventually need raising will go to the "Empath" room. When a corpse is healed to viability, it is dragged to the Cleric room for raising.

1. Corpse Needs Raising: Drag to Empath spot, where the Empaths will heal to viabilitiy only. Drag to Cleric spot for raising. The now-living person will be encouraged to use herbs to finish their healing, unless they are are front lines fighter, in which case they can be healed completely and sent back into the fray.

2. Corpse Will Depart: Dragged directly to Cleric spot for rejuvination and ward, then departs. If a front lines fighter, get ready to go back in (possibly vigil and PFE). If not, stay in a safe area until spirit and health are restored.

During all of this Paladins will be needed for warding, Bards for singing Naga's and others. Those who cannot heal, raise, sing or ward, can always be useful by "directing traffic" -- taking corpses to the appointed areas, dragging them when empaths declare them viable, telling people where to go for healing or weapon blessing, and so on.

Cache Locations:

Currently, the best cache location is the tent arranged by Prince Vorclaf just inside the temple gate. It has spots for weapons, armor, herbs, and ammunition. Kits with hisan salve, cebi roots and imnera runestones are also for sale for 2 gold kronars, which is much below cost.

Additionally: There are herb cabinets in the Temple dispensary and the Empath guild (west of the entrance). Blessed weapons are also being collected in the Cleric guild charity chest.

In short: familiarize yourself with all of the triage locations, cache locations, and especially the tunnel network that runs from the temple to the Empath, Ranger, Paladin and Cleric guilds. (Though the Cleric guild entrance is only open to Clerics, I think.)

One last note: The Crossing Temple defense system was explained by a priest representing the temple. (Expect a longer post from someone else). It is powered by the cambrinth orbs inside the temple, which will take any mana type. Anyone who wishes to may spend a little time charging these orbs so that the defenses are prepared when Lyras comes calling.

Herb Cache Locations

The Order of the White Rose has a few additional cache locales:

Under the herb shop counter.

Under the stool one room E of the Temple door.

Under the Cart on the way to the Landfall Dock. (From bank go E, S, S.)

Under the Bench in Midton. (From Town Green Northeast Go Walkway, N, N.)

Also some miscellaneous tips for preparation:

- Vault everything you can. The less you're wearing, the less you have to get out of your grave.

- Stock up on favors. As we'll need Clerics for blessing, etc., it helps take the load off. Also it's just nice to have a little insurance.

- Wear your herb pouch open, that way you can eat herbs straight out of the pouch without having to free up an extra hand for them. Useful during combat.

- Empaths, DO NOT SCRIPT HEAL. This will save you time, ultimately, as it's hard to get a script that'll only heal to viability, and the less you take - the less time you're sitting healing yourself. It's very easy to overheal when you're using a script, too.

- Order of healing. You Empaths probably already have this down, but I want to put it in writing just in case:

*Live front-line fighters.
*Live useful other people (Clerics, Pallies, echanteing Bards, etc.).
*Dead front-line fighters.
*Dead useful other people.
*Live everyone else.
*Dead everyone else.

- Diseases . Szrael mentioned this, but I want to reiterate it. If you have a disease, go directly to the healerie, do not pass Go, do not infect 200 other people.


Temple Defenses.

First off, they will have the Beacon ready. Just like old times.

The giant cambrinth spheres Szrael mentioned will power a giant magic force field. This force field will prevent anyone from entering the temple grounds unless they have a special 'key'. These 'key's won't just be handed out willy-nilly, but the priest who explained it said we'd be surprised at who gets them. (Who knows.) He said the High Priestess will be handling everything having to do with these keys, and that the activation of the defenses will be up to her as well.

The cambrinth spheres will be charged by players, and will take all mana types. So get chargin'.

The priest also said that there are other defense systems in place, but he was not at liberty to speak of them at this meeting. I'll leave the speculation up to you all.

condensed list

Triage One: Crossing Temple (Primary Triage inside Crossing) ---Directions: From the bank, SW, go gate, N, go door, go widdershins (Clerics), go widdershins, go widdershins (Empaths)

Triage Two: Empath Guild in Crossing (Primary Triage inside Crossing) ---Directions: From outside Empath Guild, go door, down, go door (There are four color-coded rooms for Triaging, Diseases will be treated here)

Triage Three: Cleric Guild in Crossing (Secondary Triage inside Crossing) ---Directions: From outside Cleric Guild, go guild, go arched door, go building

Triage Four: Midton Circle (Tertiary Triage inside Crossing) ---Directions: From Town Green Northeast, go walkway, N, N

Triage Five: Togball Field in Tiger Clan (Primary Triage outside West Gate of Crossing) ---Directions: From Tiger Clan gate, S, SE, S, SW, go green, SW

Triage Six: Glythtide's Shrine in Arthe Dale (Primary Triage outside Northeast Gate of Crossing) ---Directions: From Arthe Dale gate, go gate, N, N, W, W

Triage Seven: Ruined tollhouse on the NTR between Arthe Dale and Kaerna (Secondary Triage outside Northeast Gate) ---Directions: From Arthe Dale gate, Up, Up, W, NW, NW, N, N, N, NE, NE, go building

Cache Locations:

Cache One: Temple --- Directions: From Bank, SW, go gate, go tent This is the campaign tent

Cache Two: Temple --- Directions: From Bank, SW, go gate, N, E Look under stool

Cache Three: Temple --- Directions: From Bank, SW, go gate, N, W, NW, W Look under bench

Cache Four: Temple --- Directions: From Bank, SW, go gate, N, go door, go widdershin Look in cabinent

Cache Five: Empath Guild --- Directions: From Empath Guild, Go door, W Look in cabinent

Cache Six: Herb shop --- Directions: From Empath Guild, W, go shop Look under the counter

Cache Seven: Cart near bank --- Directions: From Bank, E, S, S Look under cart

Cache Eight: Alchemy shop --- Directions: From Empath Guild, W, N, W, go shop Look under the counter

additional possible triages

  • willow walk
  • riverpine circle