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Family of nobles that briefly ruled Zoluren.

Tragweth, Kenaetais/Keraetais (depending on spelling), and Mysimos ruled Zoluren in succession.

Note: Ibec Alshaerd is a player and likely not a formal member of the family.


177 AV Houses Alshaerd and Sorvendig begin acquiring power


202 AV --Prince Belirendrick I is deposed and imprisoned
--Reign of Prince Tragweth Alshaerd of Zoluren begins
224 AV --Prince Tragweth dies
--Reign of Princess Kenaetais Alshaerd of Zoluren begins
267 AV --Princess Keraetais dies
--Reign of Prince Mysimos Alshaerd of Zoluren begins
277 AV --The Greater Fist of Heaven erupts
--Darkstone is destroyed, along with the Alshaerd estates
278 AV The civil war renews in Zoluren
280 AV --Prince Mysimos is killed, followed by Belirendrick II

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