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House Chelochi is one of the two original Great Noble families of Zoluren. Well respected for previous contributions as leaders of Zoluren as well as their blood connection to the current rulers, the Chelochi family is just as famous for their large shipping fleet. With access to the Reshal sea via a small bay east of Stone Clan, the family retains a quick and reasonably safe route to the island of Ratha.

The Chelochi lands stretch from just south of Stone Clan all the way north to the southern border of Therengia.

Crest: A gladiola-masted galleon afloat in a sea of green.

Leader: Myerin Chelochi

From 82 to 202 AV, Keogath, Loraemor I, Caduan, and Loraemor II ruled Zoluren.

Mieth, Belirendrick II's wife, came from this family; they were grandparents of Vorclaf.


38 AV --Prince Puestan dies
--Reign of Prince Henukais Denesal of Zoluren begins
78 AV Ratha besieges the Crossing over trade disputes
79 AV --The Crossing's siege is lifted
--Arthe Dale is established
82 AV --Riots erupt in the Crossing. Prince Henukais is deposed.
--Reign of Prince Keogath Chelochi of Zoluren begins
103 AV --Prince Keogath dies
--Reign of Prince Loraemor Chelochi I of Zoluren begins
106 AV The Faldesu Conflict begins involving borders disputes between Zoluren and Therengia
107 AV The Conflict comes to a head and actual fighting breaks out near Sicle Grove
108 AV A summit is held in Darkstone, and a treaty is signed between Zoluren and Therengia
130 AV --Prince Loraemor I dies
--Reign of Prince Caduan Chelochi of Zoluren begins
165 AV --Prince Caduan dies
--Reign of Prince Loraemor Chelochi II of Zoluren begin
196 AV The Zoluren Civil War begins
198 AV --Prince Loraemor II dies
--Reign of Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig I of Zoluren begins
202 AV --Prince Belirendrick I is deposed and imprisoned
--Reign of Prince Tragweth Alshaerd of Zoluren begins

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