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Status: Alive
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Location: Crossing (Ranik Map 1)
Tasks: foraging

Mags can be found in the Mongers' Bazaar in The Crossing. She will pay:

This service is only available until she's paid a total of about five gold Kronar to a single person. After that point, she will no longer pay for wood given to her.


Short and round, Mags is a motherly looking Human peddler wearing bright (but oft-patched) garments and a merry blue scarf over her thick black hair. Her twinkling blue eyes seem to miss nothing as she whistles a happy melody. A bin half full of sticks and branches of varying sizes and woods rests next to where she is seated.


Similar to Riverhaven's Maisie, the firewood peddler Mags assists new adventurers by buying branches from them, giving them an opportunity to pay off their initial debt plus earn some extra starting coin. She is also a foraging task giver.

As with other foraging tasks, working for Mags is a way to earn Trading experience at low ranks.


Mags will buy containers full of branches or sticks without you having to take each stick out and give it to her. Just hold the container in your hand and type GIVE <container> TO MAGS. There cannot be anything else in the container or else Mags will refuse it.

Best practice is to fill a backpack (or other container) with branches, and keep the last branch that won't fit in hand. Give Mags the backpack first, then hand her the single branch. If you have not given her your quota yet, she will always take the backpack. If she then refuses the single branch, you know your quota is met and there's no use filling up another backpack.

You can forage branches reliably one room southeast of the NE Gate in Crossing at any time of the day or night. If it's daylight, and you have a few ranks of outdoorsmanship under your belt, the best place to forage is Town Green Northeast. From there, it's just down the path to Mags.