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House Denesal is one of the two original Great Noble families of Zoluren. The powerful Human farming family is most well known for their part in the restoration of the Zoluren monarchy after the removal of the Dragon Priests.

The Denesal lands encompass the area surrounding Tiger Clan, and specialize in corn crops. This last bit has earned them the moniker 'Corn Lords' in less polite company. While not quite as large as in its early years, House Denesal still carries siginifcant weight within the political structure of Zoluren.

Crest:A silver crescent moon against a field of green.
Leader: Viere Denesal.


Three Denesals -- Waemirit, Puestan, and Henukais -- ruled Zoluren successively. When Waermirit came to power in 1 AV, he was the first leader of Zoluren itself (rather than a larger region) since Aesetani in 193 BV. During the intervening time, the Dragon Priests ruled.

Anbreith is one of the few living Denesals.


201 BL --Prince Blaeduan dies
--Reign of Prince Aesetani Guemos of Zoluren begins
193 BL --The Hounds of Rutilor are wiped out
--Prince Aesetani dies in battle
--The Crossing falls to the Dragon Priests


111 BL Waemirit Denesal is born
1 AV --The Zoluren monarchy is restored
--Reign of Prince Waemirit Denesal of Zoluren (called Venerable Waemirit) begins
8 AV --Prince Waemirit dies
--Reign of Prince Puestan Denesal of Zoluren begins
38 AV --Prince Puestan dies
--Reign of Prince Henukais Denesal of Zoluren begins

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