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This Empath Guildhall is found in Crossing on Magen Road near the NE gate. The guildleader here is Salvur Siksa. In addition to guild services there is a library, a triage area, a cabinet for herbs, a cart with refreshments for everyone, a donation shelf, a cart for empaths only, and an entrance to the escape tunnels.

The Crossing Empath Guild Crest:

an open hand reaching out to provide comfort, the palm cradling a blue X, symbolizing the crossroads

Template:RoomDescription Places to sit: Bench, swing
Trash: marble statue of an elegant Elven woman
A large Vela'tohr plant - female, rather shy, and her name - as best as it can be translated - is Ithrosie.

On the silver tea cart
Item Price Done
a silver urn of strongly-brewed dark roast coffee 0   No
an engraved silver tray stacked with smoked salmon and dill tea sandwiches 0   No
a small pot of Elothean jade tea 0   
a tall glass pitcher of fresh spring water 0   
a silver platter of glazed peach tarts 0   No
a kettle of honey-lemon tea 0   
a porcelain pot of bitter black currant tea with a hint of raw honey 0   No
a dewy pitcher of mint iced tea 0   
some Anglaise cream and juicy berries 0   No

Template:RoomDescription The register reads: "Welcome, friend."

On the liquor cabinet you see a decanter of ruby port.


Template:RoomDescription The large white cabinet can be used for herbs, here you will also find the donation shelf. The donation shelf may have items placed on it by anyone, however, if you wish to take something you must be an empath (or have an empath friend).

Template:RoomDescription Places to sit: couch

On the dainty golden cart
Item Price Done
a silver plate filled with rich double-fudge brownies with lacy white chocolate icing 0   No
some Elven brioche 0   No
a savory lobster tart 0   No
a creamy cheesecake topped with a fragrant raspberry sauce 0   No
an iron cauldron filled with orange slices and hot apple brandy 0   No
a silver urn filled with rich mocha coffee frothed with steamed milk 0   No
a mixed fruit and rose petal salad with a honey jadice flower dressing 0   No
a pitcher of fresh-squeezed orange juice 0   No
a silver bowl filled with green and gold fettucini in a creamy mushroom and wine sauce 0   No
a platter filled with wild mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat 0   No


  • From this room you can 'climb pole' to either practice athletics or return to the courtyard garden
  • Climb stairs will return you to the courtyard area.
  • Go ramp will take you to Martyr Saedelthorp, Triage (autohealer)
  • Go arch will take you to the dim corridor
  • You will enter this room from the escape tunnels. To find your way there, SEARCH



  • There is a lectern here with a speakers tube that can carry a voice to the Viewing Area, however, it seems to be unusable


  • An engraved silver plaque reads: Established by Order of the Prince of Zoluren after the Time of War with the Gorbesh people, this Healerie is hereby Declared a Haven for the People of The Crossing and Surrounding Areas, within which They may seek Shelter and Healing. "For So Long as the Orbs do Shine Above, May no Harm be done in Their Light."
  • Although this room is warded it is known that certain invaders can attack here.



Template:RoomDescription The reflective crystal acts as a mirror
This is also the room where you *should* be able to hear lectures from the lecture hall.

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