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The most well known of Zoluren's Great Houses, the Human House of Sorvendig has ruled Zoluren continuously since 280.

Taking up residence in the refurbished Ulf'Hara Keep when the usurper Sirolarn was in power, the family continued to use the Keep until its destruction on 17 Shorka, 410 AV. The royal family has currently taken up residence in DiSilveron Manor, until preparations for a new residence can be further arranged.

The family gained power and influence the old fashioned way: by force and by marriage. They have strengthened their royal bloodline by marrying into House Chelochi, House Tirof, the Morzindu Weyato, the Andreshlew nation, and a coupling with then rival House Alshaerd. When marriage didn't work, they resorted to underhanded political machinations and even rumored accounts of those with dissenting opinions disappearing after visits to the Sorvendig estates.

The family lands encompass the city of Crossing and its surrounding environs.

Crest: A raven clutching a sheaf of grain (sometimes pictured as a sheath filled with grain).
Leader: Belirendrick Sorvendig IV.

The line of Sorvendig has included seven rulers of Zoluren: Belirendrick I; Belirendrick II, Tegistan, Belirendrick III, Sirolarn, Vorclaf, Belirendrick IV.


177 AV Houses Alshaerd and Sorvendig begin acquiring power
196 AV The Zoluren Civil War begins
198 AV --Prince Loraemor II dies
--Reign of Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig I of Zoluren begins
202 AV --Prince Belirendrick I is deposed and imprisoned
--Reign of Prince Tragweth Alshaerd of Zoluren begins
276 AV Belirendrick Sorvendig weds Lady Mieth Chelochi
279 AV Lady Mieth gives birth to Geraedren Sorvendig
280 --Prince Mysimos is killed
--Reign of Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig II of Zoluren begins
283 AV Princess Mieth gives birth to a son, named Belirendrick
296 AV Lady Geraedren Sorvendig (17) weds Tegistan of House Tirof
300 AV --Prince Belirendrick II dies
--Reign of Prince Tegistan Sorvendig of Zoluren begins
307 AV --Prince Tegistan dies of illness
--Reign of Prince Belirendrick Sorvendig III of Zoluren begins (24)
308 AV Princess Geraedren (29) gives birth to Sirolarn Sorvendig. She dies in childbirth.
334 AV Prince Belirendrick III (51) weds Lady Selan Weyato
335 AV Vorclaf Sorvendig is born
360 AV Prince Belirendrick III (77) is assassinated
361 AV Reign of Prince Sirolarn Sorvendig of Zoluren begins
364 AV --Prince Sirolarn is executed
--Reign of Prince Vorclaf Sorvendig of Zoluren (29) begins
--Therengian forces withdraw from Zoluren
394 AV -- Prince Vorclaf Sorvendig dies in battle with the Necromancer Lyras
--Regency of Princess Arilana Sorvendig begins for Belirendrick IV
410 AV -- Ulf'Hara Keep destroyed by the Elpalzi

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