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This manor, found on the outskirts of the Crossings, presently belongs to the Sorvendig family, though it was only temporarily the royal family's official residence. It was purchased by Prince Belirendrick III of Zoluren from the DiSilveron family. Prior to the purchase, the monarch took turns living in the homes of various nobles of Zoluren (called a "Progress"). DiSilveron manor was intended to become a permanent home for the royal family.

Following its renovation by Belirendrick, a grand ball (360 AV) open to the public was held in the manor. It was at this ball that the Prince died under mysterious circumstances and which eventually led to Sirolarn becoming Prince of Zoluren. Sirolarn decided not to live in DiSilveron and, instead, had old Ughtensgard Keep renovated and renamed Ulf'Hara Keep. It was in Ulf'Hara that Sirolarn's coronation was held and in which the Sorvendig rulers still reside.

In more recent years, Vorclaf turned the manor over to his cousin Lindryl, who took on the responsibility of its upkeep and used it as her home occasionally during her stays on the mainland. The manor grounds soon began to serve as a hang out and training ground for various people, mainly Moon Mages. The topiary and the animals within became a fixture for several years, but following complaints relating to the use of sorcery on manor grounds, the gates to the grounds were closed by order of the Court under supervision by Brigadier General Zukir.

Gravely ill, Lindryl returned to Zoluren and subsequently was moved into Ulf’Hara Keep for close care and observation by the court healers. Her daughter Emmilyn, remained nearby at DiSilveron. Upon Lindryl’s death, Emmilyn inherited the estate. Emmilyn has subsequently opened the home to the royal court following the destruction of Ulf’Hara Keep.

DiSilveron's Orb, a magical device of minor renown, is housed in the manor. It is a glowing orb which shows the movement of the constellations. It is suspended in mid-air, and floats away when one attempts to touch it. The orb glows with an unknown mystical light from within.

A violin and harpsichord which made beautiful music can be found in the conservatory.

In 352 AV, Sylveria DiSilveron, a member of the family, held a party in the manor which was first opened to a large portion of the public.

Invitation to the opening of the DiSilveron estate

Elegant invitations addressed to the one that held it.

You are cordially invited to attend a
very special grand tea party to
celebrate the opening of the DiSilveron
Estate to the citizens of Elanthia on the
140th day of the 352 year since the
Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. -
Sylveria DiSilveron

Topiary Garden

[DiSilveron, Topiary]
A fine, manicured little lawn leads to several large cages, carefully arranged within a high hedge. Ample supplies of water and food are stored in large containers within each cage, and there is a sense that the area is meticulously kept. You also see an ornate gate, a ring-tailed lemur, a crimson peacock, a greater sand iguana, a golden monkey, an alpaca and a silver pigeon.
Obvious paths: none.


Each of these cages is a miniature environment suited to its occupant. The lemur's cage is filled with dense foliage and high grasses. The alpaca's cage is filled with rich soil and tough vegetation. The iguana's cage is carpeted with sand and contains several, large branches. The monkey's abode is designed with several high roosts made of sturdy branches, and a couple of fruit trees. In front of these cages, the pigeon and peacock range freely.

  • The lemur is about the size of a large rat, with a greyish fur. Its tail is banded by four black rings. Large, blue eyes blink innocently in its cute face, but as you study it, it bares its sharp, razorlike teeth.
  • The alpaca is a large, heavily-furred, horse-like creature with a long, muscular neck and a small face. Used as a pack animal by some tribes and clans, it is highly treasured for its wonderful fur. This particular alpaca is pure white.
  • This iguana is a massive eight feet in length and perhaps three feet wide. With a long, lashing tail and sharp claws, not to mention its snout armed with rows and rows of sharp, pointy teeth, it looks about as menacing in the cage as it does in the great northern sand dunes.
  • Very much the comical-looking monkey, this species is known for its face that looks completely painted. Long, thick lashes flair from dark circles around its wide, black eyes, sharp red circles adorn its cheeks, and bright pink lips surround its pearly white teeth. It is a nervous creature, always on the move.
  • This exquisite bird is silver in color, with iridescent feathers. Weighing approximately ten pounds, it stands approximately three feet in height. Its head is crowned by a lustrous, lacey configuration of delicate plumes. At the very top of this pretty crest is a single, blue feather, thought to have mystical healing properties.
  • The peacock is a fabulous creature, with sparkling crimson body feathers accented by light pink wings and a great, silver and red tail.