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A category for spells that utilize the Warding skill.

Anti-Magic Wards

There are two types of magic wards.

Potency Barriers: These actively reduce the potency of incoming spells, lessening their power whether they are fully dispelled or not.
Integrity Barriers: These contest the integrity of the incoming spells, resulting in either complete dispellation or no reduction.

Currently Warding Abilities

Bolded spells are signature spells.

Name Effect Type Skill Contest Prep
Duration Slots Mana
Badger Form Moderate non-ablative barrier vs. Magic, Mind, Fear, or Charm attacks warding, form 2
Bastion Strong ablative barrier vs. Willpower attacks. warding, meditation 2
Dispel Attempts to remove all magic on self. warding, meditation 2
Famine Vitality heal, Pulsing warding, berserk 2
Flashflood Pulsing anti-stun/anti-web/auto-standup warding, berserk 2
Landslide SvS barrier vs. attacks defended against with Reflex warding, berserk 2
Serenity Very strong integrity magic potency barrier. Drains IF on block. Increase roar cost. warding, meditation 2
Swan Form Weak integrity anti-magic barrier. warding, form 2
Tenacity Physical damage resistance. warding, meditation 2
Turtle Form Strong anti-magic potency barrier. warding, form 2
Glythtide's Joy (GJ) TM integrity barrier for outgoing spells. cyclic warding, area of effect charm \ willpower 5-25 10-600 Indefinite 1 Elemental Magic
Naming of Tears (NAME) Non-ablative percentage damage barrier that pulses to groupmates. standard warding, pulse to group 30-100 250-1,000 10-40 3 Elemental Magic
Redeemer's Pride (REPR) Ablative barrier against Fear attacks and attacks vs. Will. Pulses to group at the level of the Bard's current barrier. standard warding, pulse to group 5-100 10-600 10-40 1 Elemental Magic
Ghost Shroud (GHS) Reduces damage of incoming ranged and targeted attacks, hides your features, and changes your appearance in the room. cyclic warding 5-25 80-800 Indefinite 2 Holy magic
Halo Impact damage, Electrical damage, Damages undead. Pole/Melee range knockback/stun. battle debilitation, warding magic \ reflexes 30-100 250-1,000 1-10 3 Holy magic
Minor Physical Protection (MPP) Percentage damage reduction. standard warding 1-100 0-400 10-40 1 Holy Magic
Protection from Evil (PFE) Flat damage reduction and potency barrier against undead. standard warding 5-100 10-600 10-40 1 Holy magic
Sanyu Lyba (SL) Reactive and non-protective anti-magic defense. battle warding spirit \ willpower 30-100 250-1,000 2-10 2 Holy magic
Soul Shield (SOS) Barrier vs Spirit attacks. Absorbs spirit damage. standard warding 5-100 10-600 10-40 1 Holy magic
Spite of Dergati (SPIT) Prevents all spell casting in the area. battle debilitation, warding, area of effect mind \ willpower 20-66 250-1,000 0- 4 Holy magic
Iron Constitution (IC) -damage (from serious hits) standard warding 5-100 10-600 10-40 2 Life Magic
Perseverance of Peri'el (POP) ablative vitality barrier ritual warding 300-800 250-1,000 30-90 3 Life Magic
Tranquility +Discipline (stat), +defense against vs. fortitude attacks standard augmentation, warding 15-100 80-800 10-40 2 Life Magic
Cage of Light (COL) Physical damage reduction, Elemental damage reduction/absorption standard warding 15-100 80-800 10-40 3 Lunar magic
Psychic Shield (PSY) ablative ward against charm vs., mind vs., vs. will battle warding 5-100 10-600 10-40 1 Lunar magic
Shear stunning ward vs. all spells including caster's battle warding 30-100 250-1,000 10-40 3 Lunar magic
Whole Displacement (WD) pulsing teleport out of combat battle warding 6-100 0-600 2-10 2 Lunar magic
Calcified Hide (CH) +Stamina (stat), Damage reduction. standard warding 15-100 80-800 10-40 4 Arcane Magic
Worm's Mist (WORM) Magic barrier. battle warding 30-100 250-1,000 0- 3 Arcane Magic
Lay Ward (LW) potency barrier against spells battle warding 5-100 10-600 2-10 1 Analogous Patterns
Manifest Force (MAF) ablative physical damage barrier standard warding 1-100 0-400 10-40 1 Analogous Patterns
Aspirant's Aegis (AA) Physical damage reduction (casting on others drains caster) standard warding 1-100 0-400 10-40 1 Holy Magic
Holy Warrior (spell) (HOW) blesses held weapon, sometimes stuns attacker cyclic warding, utility 5-25 250-1,000 Indefinite 2 Holy Magic
Soldier's Prayer (SP) -magic damage battle warding 15-100 80-800 2-10 1 Holy Magic
Essence of Yew (EY) ablative magic barrier standard warding 5-100 10-800 10-40 1 Life magic
Forestwalker's Boon (FWB) pulsing calm effect on some animals battle warding 15-100 80-800 2-10 1 Life magic
Dampen Decrease stealth hindrance, anti-locate barrier, blocks hunt utility, warding, khri 2
Evanescence Invisibility on receiving a damaging strike utility, warding, khri 2
Flight +Athletics, Balance heal, chance to catch and return throw a weapon thrown at you augmentation, warding, khri 3
Sagacity Ablative physical damage barrier. warding, khri 1
Serenity SvS barrier vs Will. warding, khri 2
Elision (ELI) Prevents opponent attacks at the cost of Starlight Aura. ritual warding 400-900 400-1,250 0- 3 Lunar Magic
Mask of the Moons (MOM) Spells cast at you will sometimes go awry cyclic warding 5-25 250-1,000 Indefinite 2 Lunar Magic
Nonchalance (NON) Ward against Charm and Fear spells standard warding 5-100 10-600 10-0 1 Lunar Magic
Trabe Chalice (TRC) Damage reduction: Slicing and Puncture protection. Ablative barrier. Impact damage can shatter it temporarily. standard warding 1-100 0-400 10-0 1 Lunar Magic
Aether Cloak (AC) TM barrier and reflect. cyclic warding 4-25 250-1,000 Indefinite 2 Elemental Magic
Ethereal Shield (ES) Non-ablative elemental damage shield. standard warding 1-100 0-400 10-40 1 Elemental Magic
Grounding Field (GF) Elemental damage barrier that nullifies damage from the attuned element but amplifies damage from others. standard warding 30-100 250-1,000 2-10 2 Elemental Magic
Veil of Ice (VOI) Ablative TM barrier. standard warding 15-100 80-800 10-40 2 Elemental Magic

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