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Trader thumb.jpgTrader Guild
Abbreviation: ELI
Prerequisites: 80th circle, all other Illusion spells
Slot Cost: 3
Mana Type: Lunar Magic
Spell Type: ritual / warding
Difficulty: esoteric
Prep (min/max): 400 / 900
Skill Range (min/max): 400 / 1250
Valid Spell Target: Self
Duration (min/max): Unknown minutes /
Description: Elision is a ritual spell that projects hallucination, unawareness, and concealment. Attackers will have difficulty finding one's exact position and might only strike air without realizing it. However, other spells cannot be averted thus. Such a powerful illusion requires extensive knowledge of the spellbook, as well as pure starlight essence filtered through a sapient mind.
Effect: Prevents opponent attacks at the cost of Starlight Aura.
Example Messaging: A young wyvern struggles to attack you in vain, unable to part the sudden, false heat haze between you and it.

Your starlight aura dims slightly.

A young wyvern struggles to attack you in vain. It stares right at you, yet cannot find you!

A young wyvern struggles to attack you in vain, lured away by a desert mirage. Your starlight aura dims slightly.

Every time a creature attacks, it uses Starlight Aura

There is a Charm vs Willpower test to check if the attacker can get through the spell. Starlight Aura cost is based on how well you passed the test. There is the potential that no Starlight is consumed if you do well enough on the success.