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Rhoran Ironcairn
Status Active
Race Kaldar
Gender Male
Guild Cleric
Instance Platinum


Missionary Rhoran Ironcairn, Soul Reaver of Urrem'tier, a Kaldar.
He has a stern face, cold leaf-green eyes and a freckled nose. His mouse brown-streaked ginger hair is short and wavy and has been shaved at the sides, and is worn in a simple, loose style. He has tanned skin and a well-defined build.
He is of commanding height for a Kaldar.
He appears to be young.
He has a thick, evenly trimmed full mustache that droops heavily on your upper lip and a thick beard twisted into three long braids.
He has a tattoo of an extensive collection of intricate and archaic Gorbesh markings, script, holy iconography, and symbols depicting both prayers and holy invocations covering both arms, the chest, torso and back. Everything is interwoven with knot-like patterns hiding smaller depictions of creatures both mundane and mythical in a grey hematite color. The White Globe of Orisas sits over the heart, while the symbol of the Alaudian Empire and Xin'Alaudas resides parallel to it on the left side on his chest.



Rhoran keeps most of his background and origin to himself. When pressed by his fellow acolytes, however, he has revealed a few tidbits.

  • Grew up far from Zoluren, but was sent to Crossing to join the Cleric guild by his uncle.
  • Left his parents and two sisters (one older, one younger) behind.
  • Father was a soldier, and his mother was a Blacksmith.
  • Older sister was training in lunar magic when he left home, and his younger sister was just starting to walk.
  • Very fond of the ancient tales his father would tell during the long winter months indoors.
  • Lived near many gnomes and had several as friends.


Plat Character Background Questionnaire

Life as a Cleric


Though he is a very private person, Rhoran is not overly shy about his beliefs.

  • Dedicated to Urrem'tier and upholding the sanctity of the dead.
  • Has a special interest in training to guard the tombs and spirits of the dead.
  • Is extremely interested in the concept of the Kaneija held by Orisas in the Gorbesh religion.



  • Rhoran has trained extensively in both spells and magical feats. He records these in his spellbook.

  • Rhoran's various research efforts resulted in him delving deeply into the very nature of the Starry Road, Metaphysics, and the divine. Excited by his discoveries he delved deeper and deeper into avenues of research the guild would most certainly not approve of. In the end, he pieced together a spell he believed would allow him to modify the ritual used to align with one of the 39 Kermorian gods. To his horror, the spell did far more. In the wake of the indecent, he has sworn to never use the spell again except in the direst of circumstances - and even then, he would forego it's use.

  • After speaking with High Priestess Tallis, he traveled into the Zaulfung to seek out Maelshyve's Fortress and the stolen altar of Urrem'tier. What followed was a tale of delving into caves, crossing rope bridges, solving puzzles and dodging Maelshyvean Hierophants. Then, in a leap of faith he used Urrem'tier's Chalice and journeyed into the Void itself. There he experienced the Bridge of Life for himself and learned the secrets of Resurrection.

  • While researching at the Crossing guildhall, he came cross reference to the Fire of Ushnish. After a conversation with Esuin and a bit more research, he was off north to the region known as the Fangs of Ushnish, the lava-strewn area above the Temple of Ushnish. There, while dodging Atik'et and firecats he was able to uncover the secrets necessary to invoke a powerful prayer which provided the necessary insight to learn the secret of the Fire of Ushnish spell.

  • During a visit to Tiger Clan Rhoran had an interesting conversation with Father Karjon. This conversation began a whirlwind series of events that took Rhoran south into the Forest of Night, north to the Zaulfung and eventually back into the Void. All the while he dodged assassination attempts by Bony Fylgja. Though he will not speak in detail of the experience, many claim to have seen a fiery phoenix soaring into the heavens shortly before his return from the Zaulfung. Whispers among his peers claim he learned the secrets of Murrula's Flames.


Rhoran has risen within the ranks of the guild enough, and completed quests to earn, the following abilities:

  • Communes
  • Other abilities
    • After being directed to speak with High Priestess Tallis in the Crossing Temple, Rhoran set out to learn a forgotten technique called Mana Infusion. His attempt went poorly due to a lack of preparation or clear information on what awaited him within the abandoned church. The Grey Lach's proved beyond his combat skills and he was forced to turn back. After returning to the Crossing in defeat, his tale was overheard by an elder member of the Guild. A few days later several Lach claws were deposited in the guild's donation bin and word was passed to Rhoran to pick them up. Now, able to avoid combating the Lachs, he could return for another attempt. After traveling south to the abandoned church, this time accompanied by his teacher Teryn, Rhoran was able to utilize the claws and his wits to reach his goal: a leather-bound grimoire. Once able to study an ancient grimoire, it took little time for him to learn both the theory and practical skill to infuse mana into active spells.

    • While investigating a crackling, chaotic energy that rippled through the Crossing causing a sense that something sacrosanct was breaking apart, he stumbled upon Undertaker Khurek and learned the Sacrifice ritual.

Day to Day Life

Hearth & Home


  • Frequently travels to train his martial skills by hunting various creatures and monsters.
  • Spends a fair amount of time in the Fang Cove Crafting Society where he works to improve his skill as a Smith, Outfitter, Engineer and Enchanter.

Memorable Moments





  • None at this time.


  • Hoggarm, Gor'Tog "Filossilfur"
    • Hoggarm is an... acquaintance of Rhoran's. A Gor'tog of limited attention spans and big dreams.